Power Grid Tower Anti-theft Alarm Solution

1. General

Power Grid Tower theft, the criminals generally have the characteristics of the following crimes:

Ÿ   As responsible for the transmission of electricity of high voltage lines, high voltage lines in the tower have adopted the anti-theft nut secured to prevent criminals demolition theft, but a lot of criminals do use the hacksaw and pliers to two of the anti-theft nut the end of the cut will be used to support fixed angle iron tower stole.

Ÿ   Parts of the power tower already use anti-theft bolts under 9 meters. Nevertheless,  there are still people risked their lives to board an altitude of 10 meters to steal.

Ÿ   Power grid uses an anti-theft bolts in the first section of tower, the section 2 uses a conventional screw, and now the criminals know this Tower burglar, he began to steal from the section 2 of angle iron above the Tower collapsed.

Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. installed tower foot detector at the bottom of the tower (vibration sensor + laser beam combo sensor detection equipment). Use this device for the detection and sensor side.  It’s completely solved the problem of outdoor detection.

Work step as follows: using the most advanced GPRS/3G technology to guard against. The system using wireless GPRS network transmission of video and police intelligence. FAM alarm control host using the 12mm lens, visible distance up to 30 meters, water-resistant and waterproof.

For the tower, the perpetrators whether wrench to remove the screws or angle iron will on the hacksaw saw Tower near the tower, installed in the upper part of the tower infrared sensor detector will sense objects close to, once into the monitored area, immediately start the timer, this time to the beginning of the vibration sensor, committing the crime began demolition of the screw or cut with a hacksaw, vibration sensors vibration sensor in the timing, start the host to signal to the tower, the host alarm sound warning intruders leave, if an intruder for 10 seconds (5 seconds, 10 seconds or longer freely settings, can select this function is not special occasions "such as the bottom of the tower as a vegetable plot) the FAM alarm will host the live picture the site corresponding address and detailed directions sent to the management Center, sync Center computer will pop up on the corresponding police intelligence and live pictures. And at the same time can be sent to the caretaker phone.

If the tower inspections or management person have 3G mobile phone, the FAM alarm controller can direct dial telephone and send SMS to their phone, the inspections can log in data center platform directly for access to live images or remote control devices, and they can turn on the alarm sound, intimidation thieves.

The traditional sense of the anti-theft is a passive anti-theft device or anti-theft products, its alarm after the destruction, the FAM system to prevent the first alarm in quickly motive for the crime of criminals fight. As much as possible for reduce losses. Using GPRS transmission technology, the whole process using wireless technology to prevent traffic for unified management system comes with the image function, more convenient management of the store Tower inspector.

ET8610-IP68 GPRS / SMS FAM controller is waterproof, anti-corrosion, fire, fight the fight sealed aluminum die-cast housing, and optional solar photovoltaic power supply system. Mainly for outdoor, wild, Peak, forests, swamps and such poor conditions, used in power systems automation, cold storage monitoring, industrial monitoring, water level detection, irrigation and industry applications, especially for security, remote control and other industries use GPRS / SMS network platform for remote monitoring.

2. Feature

Power supply solution. FAM controller is IP68 shell housing, built-in high-capacity storage battery housing with solar panel, even rainy days, storage battery can last for 50 days’ supply. the detector accessories installed at the bottom of the tower which built-in lithium battery (tamper) coupled with the optional for solar-panel, consecutive rainy days, the sensor built-in lithium battery sustainable supply of 50 days. Only 48 hours sunshine for full charge battery.

Ÿ   Throughout the system easy to be installed without any wiring project, the vibration frequency and the corresponding man-made or lightning or other non-human factors intelligent analysis. Make sure that the foot tower as a whole and correct report.

Ÿ   Low-power consumption design, taking into account the tower electricity access cannot be carried out, the use of low-power high-voltage import almost unrealistic + lithium battery + solar theory of operation, the FAM controller supports sleep mode when the alarm produce, GPRS will start Login work at full capacity, the general state is only monitoring IO port, GPRS is in the offline state.

Ÿ   Thieves three-dimensional prevent triggering, the infrared beam after the voice warned, start timing the infrared beam is triggered, the tower vibrate in time to the management center and patrol managers on the phone to call the police.

If the thieves avoid infrared beam, and tower sensor begins to shake, then start timing, according to the tower vibration frequency analysis for alarm.

Ÿ   FAM controller provide multiple wireless interface, it can connect to many type of wireless sensors, such as: icing alarm sensors, lightning alarm sensor.

Ÿ   Image management, through Famer cloud platform to intelligent manages system.

Ÿ   Dual-channel transmission; which can transmit alarm information via wireless traffic, but also through the GPRS network to transfer images.