Power Transformer Temperature GPRS/SMS Alarm Solut

Power transformer temperature GPRS/SMS alarm system compose the temperature sensor with ET8610 SMS FAM, it dedicated monitoring of transformers surface temperature, and user can set the temperature range, once the temperature exceed limit, FAM will send SMS alarm or send alarm data to center via GPRS. Otherwise FAM also can report temperature status daily.

Temperature measurement

ET8610 FAM can connect professional temperature sensors to measure the surface temperature of power transformer.

Temperature limit alarm

ET8610 SMS FAM can automatically collect the current value of temperature, then real-time compare the upper and lower limits, when the temperature and humidity exceed the upper and lower limit, FAM will send SMS alarm messages.

Temperature and humidity alarm clear message

When the temperature alarm return to normal value, FAM will send SMS alarm clear message, inform user the alarm clear.

Remote query the current temperature

User is able to send an SMS command to query current temperature; ET8610 SMS FAM also can set time to report current temperature daily.