BTS Station/Machine Room Security Alarm Solution

1. General

With the increase of industry base station, machine room, and relatively wide distribution, construction in sparsely populated field, unattended, special environment, the safety factor is very low. If you want to grasp the security of each base station in real time, which For the provinces telecommunications and communications sector is an enormous project, site equipment stolen has occurred frequently, and some sites even repeatedly stolen, stolen base station on mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications companies is undoubtedly a serious loss, maintenance takes a lot of manpower and financial resources, affecting the quality of the network, network outages occur, how to effectively solve the unattended base station, the engine room and other site equipment the security has become the urgent need to address the outstanding problems.

Theft target of theft molecules mainly in outdoor ground copper bars, air conditioner outdoor unit, Tower feeder lines, power lines, transformers, power boxes and other sites external device; the burglary air conditioning indoor unit, to row, battery-powered cable, the main chassis equipment battery equipment.

Ÿ   Outdoor ground row: usually sites trap, plastic PVC line pipe contact with the ground part of the cement water; mainly through the smashed line tube the outdoor ground row phenomenon.

Ÿ   Air conditioner outdoor unit: usually air conditioner outdoor unit with a welded steel cage around, feel indestructible Moreover, the walls on top of steel stab wound, no one could cross the walls theft of air conditioning, the actual situation, the hospital the steel spines on the wall can unplug, the welded cage can also be sawn several hole.

Ÿ   Outdoor tower feeders: for exposed outdoor cable section, the feeder is the most provoke theft molecules of the feeder without cover, the surface is relatively coarse, has become theft molecular targets.

Ÿ   Outdoor transformer: outdoor transformer often stolen phenomenon due to size, weight, such a device is stolen gang.

Ÿ   Power line: power line is often stolen object; Pirates line practices common direct pull off, and is also useful line for big line.

Ÿ   Outdoor power box: outdoor external power box mounted on the base station, the internal time open and meter equipment; such box stolen.

Ÿ   Burglary: the saboteurs there is breaking and hit the wall to enter inside the base station, the base station equipment and cables, to row, the battery theft.

In summary, the visible theft molecules has been very rampant, a large variety of methods of crime, gang chance.

Anti-theft problems faced:

Ÿ   Not timely detection and response: Most of the stolen sites are discovered only after the equipment failure or regular inspection, the base station, the engine room of the anti-theft helpless, struggling to cope with; some even just replace or repair Before long, once again stolen.

Ÿ   Theft molecules specialization: a lot of theft molecules have a certain expertise, can avoid common security monitoring, theft and even tricks, does not produce immediate fault or alarm.

Ÿ   Not effective and adequate evidence: Most of the theft molecule is professional, and is often the scene of the theft is difficult to leave a sufficient and valid evidence, it cannot provide a favorable public security agencies to fight criminals.

Ÿ   Theft, local residents, and understand the base station staff ratio is relatively high, especially some had engaged in base station equipment installation, and maintenance of various units of temporary staff collaboration, the base station key copy tool opportunistic theft.

Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. specializes developed base station, room security monitoring system, relying on years of anti-theft monitoring technology, combined with state-of-the-art wireless network monitoring, alarm module, advanced sensor technology, can effectively solve the base station, room stolen. The system hardware and software is modular in design, with good scalability, maintainability and versatility, according to the user's actual needs, flexible configuration and integration; take advantage of a variety of monitoring and control means, accurate and timely identification of various fault improve management efficiency and to protect the security of the communication network system operators. The significance of the base station, the engine room security monitoring solutions: the first time alarm information, the first time to notify persons responsible for processing, remote on-site at the same time intimidating propaganda such as remote monitoring event procedure, after leaving valuable evidence.

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM (Fixed Asset Monitoring) is an enhanced GPRS/SMS messenger (GPRS or CDMA service optional) which integrated with I/O port, RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), Relay, Sensor functions, it has more I/O ports than ET8610, which can help people to monitoring,  control,SMS alarm the remote devices.

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM main application filed is Power grid automatization, industrial monitoring, traffic management, weather, finance, Basic Environment protecting, colliery, Oil field etc, especially, apply in security, remote control. Implement transparent data transmission over GPRS/SMS network.

2. Feature

Through GPRS wireless network text (SMS), picture (GPRS) message format to achieve the base station, room on-site alarm information (including pyrotechnics Police, shear line Superintendent, Marine, air conditioning outdoor unit theft alarm, high temperature alarm, door alarm or into alarm, power failure alarm, etc.) and alarm live pictures to convey to the monitoring center and leadership or maintenance personnel designated mobile phone; alarm occurs on-site siren alarm center software prompts while sending text messages and making calls to the pre-set staff on the phone, via SMS, GPRS content identification alarm site, you can judge whether it is effective alarm to completely eliminate human waste falsely accused, but also fundamentally changed the weaknesses of the traditional anti-theft. Alarm center network alarm such as 110, the central server software, mobile phones and remote control devices for remote arm, disarm. Start from the front-end site alarm system is triggered, the central engine room alarm message is displayed, the entire process takes about 10-30 seconds. Detailed alarm information, a very short warning time, alarm personnel on emergency accurate and fast processing. Schematic diagram is as follows:

Network topology

The front-end monitoring terminal system, monitoring center software platform and mobile wireless network channel consists of three parts.

Ÿ   Front-end monitoring terminal: ET8611 GPRS / SMS FAM, Remote Controller; another front-end equipment: digital cameras, lights, siren, wireless door (access control), wireless infrared motion detectors, power The cable outage or cut of alarm short-term break alarm (winding theft mode), infrared shooting, vibration sensors and smart devices, and so on according to the site and customer requirements increase or decrease the number of.

Ÿ   Famer cloud system software management platform and server: monitoring center software, and eTel server.

Ÿ   Mainly for the cable shortage of resources, the use of mobile operators rich wireless mobile services such as GPRS; access necessary sensors intelligent alarm monitoring control module to transmit live alarm signal, both for customers to save costs but also reduce the false alarm rate, fully shows the superiority of centralized monitoring and centralized management.


Note: The monitoring center host connected to the public network; each wireless monitoring terminal with a valid SIM card (open SMS, GPRS).

Ÿ   Base station security monitoring terminal functions.

Ÿ   Image acquisition by digital cameras and other audio-visual equipment, and saved locally; single picture, GPRS, sent to the data center server; All data collected through the camera, transmitted to the monitoring center.

Ÿ   Wired switch sensor alarm collection and saved locally; linkage of the opening of the sound and light equipment, and alarm information in a text message sent to a designated phone; alarm or status data transmitted to Famer monitoring center.

Ÿ   Port disarms state changes, real-time transmission to the monitoring center or designated on the phone.

Ÿ   Through the control port, the monitoring center and mobile phone on the front-end equipment remote control is turned on.

Ÿ   RS232 or RS485 data forwarding or access smart devices. Such as access to the camera, access control and other intelligent devices. (Access control function can be selected).

Ÿ   By remote control machine arm and disarm, trigger alarms, emergency buttons and switches.

Ÿ   Receive phone voice and SMS, remote or control. Include: the server IP address or domain name; allow remote set the query SMS password; target phone to send text messages list; each channel alarm points (monitored object) name (such as: infrared, door, etc.); whether to activate the arm and disarm settings; arm , which triggered the alarm settings, such as infrared, or switch input device; armed alarm is triggered, whether or not to set the target phone to send text messages; armed alarm is triggered, whether the initiative to send to the server the expansion interface data set ; after arming alarm is triggered, whether linked to the operation of the output devices; whether the preservation of historical photos on the memory card, the historical expansion interface data, as well as the camera cycle set; whether the alarm is triggered when the preservation of historical photos, the historical expansion interface data, as well as photos cycle and the number of settings; a road or the whole arm disarm.

Ÿ   Through the monitoring center, set or control, including: the server IP address or domain name; allows the remote to set the query mobile phone text messages or voice password; target phone to send MMS / SMS list; each channel alarm point (the monitoring object) Name (such as: infrared, door, etc.) are sent to arm and disarm status change; whether to start arming; arm, which triggered the alarm settings, such as infrared; armed when the alarm is triggered, is sent to the central camera picture settings; arming the alarm trigger , does it take the initiative to send to the server the expansion interface data set.

Ÿ   Device status indication and display.

Ÿ   Famer Vatican mesh cloud monitoring center

Ÿ   Data management and maintenance.

Ÿ   Accept monitoring terminal active connection, and real-time detection of connection-off state.

Ÿ   Receive alarm monitoring terminal state acquisition, such as images and audio data saved query.

Ÿ   Monitoring terminal setup and control, including: the server IP address or domain name; allows the remote to set the query mobile phone text messages or voice password; target phone to send MMS / SMS list; each channel alarm point (the monitoring object) name (such as: Infrared , door, etc.) is sent to arm and disarm status change; whether to start arming.

Ÿ   Police intelligence in the way of text messages and e-mails, sent to the default phone.

Ÿ   Local settings.

Ÿ   Phone B / S end

Ÿ   GPRS manner, text / picture (single / continuous) information obtained from the data service center serving on.

Ÿ   Text message, set or control, including: the server IP address or domain name; whether to start arming; arm disarm; requested self-test state.

Ÿ   GPRS manner, query details of alarms and remote operation.

Ÿ   System monitoring content

Ÿ   The specific circumstances of the communications operators, the base station, the engine room security burglar alarm monitoring system monitoring (optional) as follows:

Ÿ   Lord, passive infrared detectors on the radio, in the entry and exit area (such as doors, windows, battery area, etc.) to prevent illegal invasion, once the intrusion prevention, alarm, compact and has a very good concealment.

Ÿ   Vibration sensor, installed on the interior walls, broken wall into the room to prevent criminals.

Ÿ   Base station and the engine room power cable monitoring, prevent criminals cut the cable; power cable cut anti-theft alarm module can identify site power failure or normal power outages caused by cable theft.

Ÿ   Air conditioner outdoor unit and Antenna anti-theft, the use of special wire feeders and feeder grounding of air conditioner outdoor unit regularly wound, the criminals as long as the theft of air conditioner outdoor unit and Antenna would destroy a dedicated wire, once destroyed, a police intelligence immediately, uploaded by module monitoring center.

Ÿ   Infrared wide-angle sensor, covering site battery and other important equipment storage area, once the criminals broke into the police in time, immediately police intelligence monitoring center and uploaded by module.

Ÿ   Magnetic door sensors, as the most intuitive means of detection, to determine the site is illegal elements intrusion.

Ÿ   Alarm linkage sound and light alarm, installed in the Tower of outdoor warning horn or warning lights installed in the engine room door never ending eaves, set in advance of the corresponding police intelligence linkage alarm when any alarm horn and warning lights, intimidation of criminals in order to achieve the purpose of the stop crime.

Ÿ   Video surveillance, in a timely manner by the camera will be a single picture transmitted to the monitoring center to provide evidence of the criminals committing the crime, the public security organs, so well documented.

Ÿ   Scalable monitoring: temperature and humidity, smoke, water and the environment, the electronic fence perimeter intrusion and related power equipment, access control and other intelligent devices.

Ÿ   Mains call, power failure automatic alarm function.

Ÿ   Battery under voltage, overvoltage alarm function.

System workflow

The mobile network establishes a monitoring center in the center room. Each base station or room site for a basic alarm unit, each equipped with the appropriate anti-theft devices (such as infrared, vibration prevention monitoring terminal according to different outlets, alarm, etc.). Through the mobile communication network or a network alarm center connecting the implementation of centralized monitoring and management, alarm center, thus forming the basic framework of the network security technology to prevent. Various outlets need to install different alarm sensors monitor different police intelligence. Such as: packed in point of intelligent infrared detectors prevent thieves invasion, automatically sends a signal to the monitoring terminal and linkage light to open the camera to be launched on-site image capture. The monitoring terminal alarm information (text and images) Upload monitoring center via GPRS, SMS, call made to the previously stored on the phone, the alarm site Offbeat masterpiece or linkage lighting and image monitoring for criminals psychological cause kind of deterrence. Ordinary telephone or mobile phone alarm: you can hear the pre-recorded alarm sound, listen for the voice of the on-site and on-site capture pictures. The Alarm Center Alarm: received outlets, the alarm sound to remind the staff on duty (self-recording alarm tone) alarm. When the duty officer Alarm, central control software automatically displayed alarm network (such as: alarm network number, address, phone, contacts, types of police intelligence, the nearest police force phone, contacts the police line, etc.), the printer will display information to print out electronic map marked the location of the alarm flashes.

System Performance

Ÿ   The partial failure of the system does not affect the normal work of the whole system; does not change the original function with internal automatic control equipment.

Ÿ   System with good electromagnetic compatibility. The equipment being monitored in any working condition, the system can work properly; while monitoring the device itself does not affect the normal work of the equipment being monitored electromagnetic interference.

Ÿ   System has a self-diagnostic function, the data disorders, communication interference can be automatically restored; interrupt the communication, software, hardware failures can diagnose the failure and timely alarm; system failure does not affect the normal operation of the monitoring equipment and control functions .

Ÿ   System has a strong fault tolerance, not because of user errors caused by system failures. Self-diagnosis and self-recovery, hardware and software failures, and communication interrupt diagnosis and timely alarm.

Ÿ   System operation security policy: monitoring system on any of the parameters of the monitoring equipment adjustment and control functions to meet the system's normal, safe working conditions, improper operation obvious tips.

Ÿ   System has improved the safety precautions given the authority to operate for different operators, and have the best password management functions to ensure system and data security.

Ÿ   System to maintain stable operation in all types of working environment.

Ÿ   System hardware and software is modular in design, easy to expand.

Ÿ   System can become independent system operation the most transmission channel, or as some subsystems that meet the requirements of the system.

Ÿ   Monitoring projects of all sizes running well, and to ensure that the performance indicators. Theory, as long as the hardware configuration to meet the requirements, the monitoring can be achieved from a monitored object to unrestricted monitoring object.

ŸSystem software user interaction is relatively high, to facilitate users have basic computer skills, in line with the general operation of the windows window procedure habits.

A hardware module with status indicator and test points, engineering and installation personnel based solely on of these status indicator and test points can judge the quality of the installation.