Air-Condition Remote Control System


• Power restored, automatically start the air condition.

• If it cannot start the air conditioning after 5 times, FAM will send SMS alarm messages or GPRS alarm Data.

• City power disconnect, FAM will send SMS alarm messages.

• Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Monitor the room temperature and humidity, if current temperature or humidity exceeds a pre-set upper limit or below the lower limit, FAM will send alarm messages.

• SMS Query: query current status.

• The system is purely hardware system; it is the air conditioning monitoring and remote alarm simple practical solution. Monitor the Air-conditioned room, including temperature and humidity monitoring, air-conditioning power line control, air conditioning calls from the start, air conditioning alarm message when startup unsuccessful.

• Rational design, installation and maintenance simple; it does not require any changes on the original power supply circuit.

• It does not affect other air condition features and the original equipment and systems.

• FAM will send SMS alarm messages if the municipal electric power and air conditioning failed to start or air conditioning abnormal.