Power failure GPRS/SMS alarm Solution

Power cut down GPRS/SMS alarm system combined with GSM wireless communications technology and power monitoring technology. ET8610 GPRS/SMS FAM connect to power detection modules which can monitor multiple 220V power line (if only monitor one tunnel of 220V power line status, then you don’t need power detection module, the FAM power interface can detect the power status directly), just connect the power line ET8610 FAM, when a power interruption, FAM will call the default cell phone numbers through the GSM, then send SMS to inform the power line alarm situation. The system doesn’t need any wired connection to the grid system and computer, as long as there is where GSM network signal, it can be used. The system is easy to use, flexible configuration, easy to maintenance, easy to expand. The system used in security, electrical equipment, banking, telecommunications, railway, engine room, uninterruptible power supply, biological pharmacy, warehouses, pharmacies, major machinery and equipment, production lines, and other power failure alarm occasion.