Water Resourcesand Hydropower Unmanned System

1. Unattended system monitoring trends in the water safety

The lake, rivers, river is rich in water resources, hydraulic converted to water conservancy in China since ancient times is one the country works. Such as the Three Gorges Project, the south-to-north water diversion project, and so on, all reflect the benign use of water resources. However, the safe operation and maintenance of water conservancy facilities is a top priority. If late mismanagement, may lead directly to the function of the water conservancy facilities reduced or even lost, but to water safety management burden. With the continuous development of the construction of water conservancy projects, new requirements for automated operation and safety of the equipment and facilities of all kinds of water conservancy facilities, and water conservancy facilities, coupled with the rapid development of modern communications technology and video technology for water conservancy construction digitized provide technically strong guarantee. Therefore, the redesign to optimize water conservancy facilities, security monitoring, remote video surveillance system and control through a variety of communication technologies, construction of water conservancy industry room to achieve unattended (less duty) is the overall trend of the development of water conservancy and hydropower industry.


2. Current water conservancy facilities monitoring the problem?

Water conservancy facilities in the main arch dam, dam, dam, core rockfill dam, rockfill dam.Due to the relatively large volume of dams, the cross-sectional width.The sluice main river-based, as opposed to the dam as a whole is much smaller, basically a dam, for example, the ear gate. Water monitoring system requires timely and accurate information collection, information processing simple operation, easy maintenance, and requires the system easy installation, stable operation, long maintenance intervals. At present, there are several problems:

1) A large-scale water conservancy facilities such as dams, the main control room located at both ends of the dam, from a distance, inconvenient to communicate with each other, problems cannot be timely detection and treatment, even if it is difficult to arrange fixed personnel centralized monitoring and management. In addition, some regional water monitoring points scattered and harsh natural environment, in which case arrange for someone to manage not only the response lag and very dangerous.

2) Traditional video surveillance not only bandwidth usage, and cannot be achieved dam and Master Control Room equipment safety management and alarm processing, single function, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the dam needs of high security alert, not to facilitate the monitoring and supervision of the superiors . Moreover, the traditional monitoring program separately from the video surveillance and dam safety monitoring, the formation of two independent subsystems, so not only increases the complexity of the operation and improve the hardware and software maintenance costs.

3) If more than one control room monitoring system, maintenance costs are too high, video surveillance, perimeter alarm and around the dam dynamic environment equipment, not centralized monitoring and management.

4) Water conservancy facilities of police intelligence, relying on the nearest duty officer to the scene to solve or call professional and technical personnel, detailed video and equipment monitoring information cannot be obtained for the first time, to reduce the speed of the system, if the problem is serious The consequences would be disastrous.

5) Follow the traditional security work is not only a waste of a lot of human resources, and the relatively long period of post-processing problems, the problem cannot be traced back, it is difficult to quickly find the root of the problem, which is not conducive to the information technology management. 


3. How to solve the problems in the current water monitoring?

Monitoring the status quo for the water industry, combined with the actual situation of the customer launch dam / sluice water unattended monitoring system, to meet the above-mentioned problems.

The solution uses a combination of Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. FAM alarm controller and DVR video surveillance system, the seamless integration of the data center Famer Cloud mesh platform management software and DVR video monitoring center software, when an alarm is generated, real-time display in Famer management platform, marked the location on the map, show contact phone number, address, etc., the user can click "Browse" to view live video, and support video record functions.

Through Famerdata management platform, users can remotely manage ET8511/ET8611 all IO ports. The ET8511 IP FAM using industrial-grade standard design with digital I/O input and output, analog input interface and other functions, RS485, RS232, DI, AI, TE interface, can be connected to a wired or wireless sensor connection, to achieve Remote security alarm monitoring. ET8511 supports variety of sensors, example: door sensor, infrared motion detectors, sound and light alarm, gas detection, smoke detection. In the event of an invasion, the server will automatically record the scene, call the appropriate camera, notification sound, light duty officer. The central server has the ability to multitask multiple places at the same time an alarm condition can also timely processing. 

1) Safety monitoring system not only provides front-end work area real-time video, and access control and dynamic environment equipment alarm linkage turns on the light, alarm and send a text or multimedia message, control dams and sluices switchgear operation. The alarm information is uploaded to the network management center and network management sub-control, remote guidance can also be carried out by the Centre or the operation eliminate dangerous, do the accident in a timely manner.

2) the overall design of the software platform in accordance with the two-tier or three-tier network architecture design, set up a local monitoring system in the front-end operations, including dam sluice equipment monitoring, monitoring of the dam sluice surrounding area, perimeter alarm system, fire alarm systems, access control systems, lighting voice control system, the dam sluice workspace dynamic environment monitoring. Monitoring center through the monitoring center client software front-end monitoring point for unified supervision including police intelligence processing, data statement analysis, remote management.

3) front-end monitoring system by extending the RS232 standard industrial interfaces, the device communication protocol to increase the variety of required monitoring equipment. Such as: for hydrological monitoring instruments, for dam safety the seepage pressure gauge, inclinometer, measuring joint meter and so on. So that users do not need to increase computer equipment, and the use of a set of monitoring software also greatly reduces the complexity of the operation.

4) By the front-end work area video surveillance, real-time observation of the waters of various changes, engine room equipment and culvert running for the leadership decision-making the intuitive image information, at the same time can improve the observation, measurement staff work environment to reduce staff, so that unattended, fewer people on duty, and truly reflects modern management, intelligent operation. For example:

A. water level monitoring alarm and treatment measures, to ensure the safety of the water level in reservoir storage water level through the video surveillance;

B. sluices, pumping station and reservoir spillway using real-time video surveillance, to avoid misuse, so that unattended;

C. use of video surveillance, analysis of river hydrological conditions, monitoring the river downstream and cross-strait situation and monitor the water quality of the river, to prevent pollution;

5) Forwarded through a proxy server software can greatly reduce the bandwidth usage, the other is installed on the front-end monitoring host the IE control software, leaders at all levels in various parts of the world through the network using the IE browser view of the functioning of the water conservancy facilities.

6) Via multicast voice intercom technology can make more than one front and center for voice communication, by voice intercom function, the center and technical personnel through video and intercom front-end staff to provide technical guidance, greatly improving the efficiency of maintenance, reduced maintenance costs.

4. Unattended Water monitoring system advantages

The water application characteristics of the industry is monitoring locations such as rivers, reservoirs, gates scattered distribution, distance, this feature makes the traditional analog TV monitoring system has been unable to meet the demand, at the same time need to browse surveillance images of water conservancy departments and relevant units and personnel more. How to effectively under the conditions of existing bandwidth enables users to obtain a smooth, clear surveillance video is the key to the success of the system design. "Water conservancy unattended integrated monitoring system "is constantly sum up years of practical application, through reasonable framework to effectively solve the many problems of the water industry, well positioned to meet the actual needs of water users.

All water conservancy unattended monitoring system Remote communication using standard TCP / IP protocol, which can be applied directly in the LAN or WAN, relatively far distance for each lock station, not easy laying wire line, wireless spread spectrum can also be used technology or the use of satellite communications to solve the problem of long-distance communications. The software uses three-tier network architecture is currently more popular, making the entire system structure is clear, easy to manage and expand support agent system. In addition, the system also supports network control and IE sub-control, which makes the entire system can be subject to geographic restrictions and free connection.

The whole system is divided into four parts: the front unattended video server and video, dynamic environment and access control section; agent forwarding server (optional);

Center network control, unattended central server system; IE sub-control. Unattended video server-based solutions is shown in Figure 2:

The system can be the key positions of all front-end dams / locks 24-hour video surveillance and video in different ways on different front-end settings.

   The system can be connected to a large number of alarm devices, such as door sensor, infrared, smoke, flooding, once an exception occurs, the system can automatically alarm, upload alarm information and linkage to digital video or sound and light alarm.

In the system can be added to the access control interface, seamless access to the access control system, in order to strengthen the management of the dam / sluice out of the personnel. Enables managers to see anywhere equipment and on-site staff, you can also dialogue with the front-end staff, strengthen the management of interactive audio and video surveillance. In the system can also be combined with a large number of professional environmental monitoring equipment to achieve a timely manner to reflect the data of the air-conditioning system, temperature and humidity, and other support equipment. Alarm

Can the linkage complete video strategy can send MMS or SMS notification duty or leadership and technical staff.

In addition, if you want to truly intelligent unattended monitoring also need to increase the dam security elements and hydrological monitoring system. Truly all aspects of integration, integration, intelligent monitoring.

For the solution of the water level monitoring:

Hydrological monitoring the majority is to use professional water level gauge used alone, computer via RS232 communicate with the device, real-time data acquisition, software alarm parameters set by the user accordingly. This approach has drawbacks, if the device is damaged or subject to strong external interference is likely to cause distortion of data and thus generate false positives. Moreover, the centers are just digital information, the lack of sensory information. The World Albert unattended system uses a combination of methods of video technology and measurement equipment, in addition to using the water level measuring equipment, while using more advanced video analysis technology, set up a separate water level monitoring video channels, set the water level in the video window cordon If the water level crossed the cordon generate an alarm signal, in this way, so that the alarm information more intuitive and accurate monitoring center through video analysis can be found in advance of police intelligence. This can not only realize the police dealt with in a timely manner, can also be reached early warning function. In conjunction with SMS or MMS alarm information in a timely manner to convey to the relevant responsible person.

Against horizontal displacement of the dam, we use a fixed displacement meter measured simultaneously using a video overlay technology will coordinate axis is superimposed on the video image, the displacement meter measuring points aligned videos coordinates of the center, the central monitoring terminal by a video on displacement analysis, but The dam displacement is very slow, so the need to combine the dual measurement of measuring instruments. During the monitoring of the safety of the dam at the same time, we also cannot ignore the video surveillance of the corridor, because the corridor is the water seepage into the dam after the fight diversion channel, if the corridor is too much water the dam seepage problem serious to constitute a major threat to the safety of the dam. Dam / sluice water conservancy unattended integrated monitoring system and its key technologies to achieve a fully automated control and management of large dams, sluices unattended, the custody of a few people ", provided the conditions for the dam sluice downsizing to improve efficiency. When the system network monitoring, data sharing, provides for the management of

Great conveniencewith the flood season approaching, highly integrated, high stability, intelligent unattended monitoring system is bound to play a crucial role in the actual work.