M2M GPRS/SMS Alarm Solution

ET8610 FAM GPRS/SMS alarm controller design for unattended, remote control and data acquisition requirements, FAM uses industrial-grade high-performance GSM module and ARM processor, embedded real time operating system, Integrated I/O port and RS232 interface, Just put the sensors connected with the product, users simply set a few simple parameters, you can use own cell phone to remote data acquisition, measurement, control and equipment alarm, with the lowest cost to complete the most complicated work.

1. Switching capacity (dry node) input and output

ET8610 FAM can be connected to various types of device, like Sensor, detector, inverter, generator, relay etc.

Input Alarm: Product provides a switch input wiring terminals, support alarm switch signal input, user can be user-defined alarm state (open or closed), custom alert message content.

Output Control: it provides a switch output terminal block can be directly driven 12V relays.

Linkage control: Users can set alarm link DO port, when DI ports alarm, the DO port will output 12V DC.

2. Analog Input

ET8610 FAM can directly access to the standard 0-5V analog signals or resistance values (0-10 analog input voltage required to custom products), and may collect data through SMS sent to the data center, but also to send a alarm message to the phone.