Vending Machine SMS Solution

At present, the vending machine in the market, more and more, while the vending machine theft incidents are increasing. In addition, the vending machine in the course of the event of a material out in short supply, coin devices of other failures, often due to the management of vending machines can not be immediately understand the fault condition cannot be processed immediately affect the operation of the vending machine, and the present Failure to declare a vending machine only through the management of regular inspection or a public telephone to declare, so do not delay once the fault processing time also affected the quality of service operating companies.

ET8610 GPRS/SMS FAM series of text messages alarm terminal, using industrial-grade GSM messaging and high-performance ARM processor modules, embedded real-time operating system, set of I/O control, single-chip control interface as a whole is a vending machine, vending Water dedicated SMS alarm equipment, the user simply set a few simple parameters, can be achieved Vending Equipment Remote SMS auto-state feedback, abnormal alarm and other functions, vending machines of Area managers also use their own mobile phones on sale Cargo equipment to do the corresponding control and status information, will help field managers vending machine in the first period of time to master vending machine status, the event of a fault can be dealt with promptly, for the management of vending machine opened up a new wireless remote management ways to speed up the fault of the operating companies speed, optimize quality of service.