Shop Security Alarm Solution

1. General

"Your shop lost something insurance claims "," anti-theft opportunities not every day, day thieves have not been idle "This is a slogan often see network alarm center.

Regions, cities, towns, shops network alarm system provide paid services for social security systems, network alarm center subsystem "police" and "police" network alarm center alarm function, an important extension and supplement. Its mission is to network alarm center chains, enterprises, institutions, households, shops, supermarkets, wholesale markets, financial institutions, factories, warehouses and other security technology of the day and night security prevention services, fully integrated civil air defense, anti-technology, limit to prevent and reduce cases of theft, robbery and accidents, the protection of national, collective and the masses of the people the security of property and lives. Shops alarm system services "is the use of modern high-tech electronic science and technology, the formation of a new type of network alarm security services industry, network alarm electronic guarding services. Specifically: network alarm equipment installed at the user, fire alarm, emergency relief snatches alarm equipment, when the user leaves the alarm device deployment, once a thief to enter the network alarm through TCP / IP network, GPRS network, the GSM network or PSTN program-controlled telephone switching network upload alarm information to the alarm center network alarm center will be based on the alarm computer display user specific location Command and Control into professional security inspection staff to the scene of the accident, police intelligence to confirm, if necessary, may notify the "110" command center at any time to send police to support this implementation of network alarm monitoring, professional security inspection staff regular inspection, public security police reinforcements at any time, users really thief theft, own property loss, our alarm center network operator service agencies to buy an insurance policy to a user, lost what insurance company claims combined mode of operation of the air defense and anti-technology, insurance claims, will be recognized by society and can really provide the community with a safe and secure service. done security engineering, enterprise security product sales know that selling products sell only services can be sustained profitability, one input, to continue as a going concern. Shops alarm system is one such project, shops alarm system in the range of "security" as a commodity like water, electricity gas available to enterprises, households, shops, supermarkets, wholesale markets, financial institutions, factories, and warehouses.

"Shops network alarm services" will be high-quality security services to ensure a safe life.

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM (Fixed Asset Monitoring) is an enhanced GPRS/SMS messenger (GPRS or CDMA service optional) which integrated with I/O port, RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), Relay, Sensor functions, it has more I/O ports than ET8610, which can help people to monitoring,  control,SMS alarm the remote devices.

eTel FAM cloud management platform is based on current demand for centralized monitoring and management of GPRS FAM to developed centralized management platform, the system provide remote data acquisition, remote control . It make all the FAM, user equipment and sensors fully integrated, centralized monitoring and management, and it can display the operational status of each device, alarm information, current sensor status, maximizing user-friendly remote control device.

eTel FAM management platform let users just monitor all the FAM in the control centers, the system show FAM location on GOOGLE map, if there is alarm happen, the system will immediately locate FAM on GOOGLE map, and show red color logo flash and alarm content on FAM. It’s user-friendly, fast and accurate processing of alarm status.

FAM cloud management platform supports both C/S (Client/Server) and B/S (Browser/Server, Web-based) structure; users can simultaneously through the PC, MID, cellphone to access.

Data Monitoring Centre (C/S):

Base on windows PC, through client software Famer, direct access to the data center server, 7 * 24-hour run. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., it's suitable for data monitoring center.

User PC (B/S):

User PC is able to directly through any browser to access the cloud management platform WEB address, remote query/the control the belongs FAM. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., also we can use Famer client software (C/S) direct access to the data center.

Tablet PC and mobile phone (B/S):
Users of tablet PCs and mobile phones (including IOS and Android system), can be directly through any browser to access cloud systems management platform web address, remotely query/control belongs FAM. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., it’s suitable for end-user control belongs FAM at any time.

2. Feature

Shops alarm system consists of Famer cloud system platform alarm center, GPRS or IP network, FAM controller and front-end detectors, it use  IP network or GPRS wireless network as wired or wireless networking structure.

Famer cloud platform alarm monitoring center is constituted by the server network platform to receive alarm signal processing to the server for further processing and stored in the database, the server will occurs voice alarm signal when there is alarm occur, and show the alerts user data, maps, alarm, content and other information, so that the supervisor can take appropriate action. at same time, the alarm data can be written, printed upon request in order to query.

eTel shop alarm system technical feature

Ÿ   Computer technology and GPRS communications, TCP/IP video networking technology.

Ÿ   Optional add the DVR system, real-time view video and image.

Ÿ   Reliable, high sensitivity, anti-false alarm detectors and sensors.

Ÿ   Support wireless / wired sensor.

Ÿ   Once the alarm, the monitoring center will be able to receive alarm detail information within few seconds.

Ÿ   Support self-test function. When there is a power failure, the battery will supply the power. Any line off or failure, the monitoring center will receive alarm immediately.

Ÿ   System at regular intervals (minutes, the customer can be defined) automatically perform a self-test on the user equipment.

Ÿ   Alarm message quickly send to alarm monitoring center (1-5 seconds).

Ÿ   FAM alarm controller send arm, disarm, alarm messages automatically forwarded to the user's mobile phone via SMS.

Ÿ   Savings of alarm communication fee.

Ÿ   Absolutely eliminate clogging and hysteresis of the alarm signal.

Ÿ   Easy to operation, it supports password operation or remote controller.

Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd., shops alarm system, why it's more secure, stable? As eTel solution are use video DVR and GPRS alarm control host integration alarm system.

Ÿ   Video alarm system, GPRS network alarm system transmission fast.

"eTel GPRS shops alarm system alarm message transmission time is only 1-5 seconds, greatly reducing time and improve the efficiency of the police, reducing the risk of theft. at same time, wireless transmission to effectively solve the problem of system installation and telephone lines were destroyed.

Ÿ   Video shops alarm system; the GPRS shops alarm system, communication transmission stability, save cost.

Ÿ   Two-way system monitoring, real-time dropped calls and on-line notification; prevent the phone lines were cut.

Traditional wired telephone line transmission system and GSM wireless dial-up transmission system when telephone line is damaged or cause the system offline due to network signal, the alarm center cannot receive timely information If the client is stolen, the center cannot receive police intelligence eTel GPRS shops alarm system can be a good solution to solve this problem. System use the client software to communication with center software, two-way online in a timely manner and dropped detection, when signal interrupt, the software prompts the user for disconnect, convenient center staff on duty promptly notify the patrol team to improve vigilance. Center software can be the first time to troubleshooting client or reconnect, to remind the user on-line and recovery, like QQ online chat, the other side of the state at all times. Over the communication network coverage, dropped calls and GPRS system since the resumption of the status of different cell phone signal, it can effectively covered, very seldom occur dropped the case, and the mobile phone network at night is more smooth, unimpeded access to GPRS, video transmission.

Ÿ   Shops alarm system save resources.

Each alarm send real-time image to the center, center can accurately determine the true alarm or false positives via video, thus avoiding the blind  alarm to cause by the waste of human and material resources. every time out of the police car with an average of 6 km operator, out of the police for five times a day, saving car fuel costs up to 50USD.

Ÿ   Video shop alarm system in favor of evidence.

Video shop alarm system in addition to automatic recording site, the alarm video images can also be sent to the network alarm center, and saved automatically. When necessary, the relevant staff, time, location, device number query or call the video information, to facilitate public security officers after the incident investigation and evidence collection.

Ÿ   Unlimited-level networking.

As we all know, the network transmission costs is the same, that you are in Beijing browser Sina and Browse in Shenzhen Sina, not only all free, but the speed is same.  as long as a sufficient bandwidth server, you can achieve the national retail network alarm and across the country network alarm center, just a computer.

3. Function

Retail shop network alarm system: Alarm center provide customer 24 hours service.

Ÿ   Equipment inspection: regular customer’s security equipment inspection.

Ÿ   Equipment Maintenance: For the Customer front-end alarm equipment damage, the first time sent engineers to repair.

Ÿ   Online detection: implementation of online testing, and understand system operation and equipment failures by the Vatican of Famer alarm service platform client security system operating conditions.

Ÿ   Monthly report: provide customers with a monthly report.

Ÿ   Equipment replacement: when customers need to replace equipment, to provide customers with low-cost security equipment, in order to reduce the maintenance costs of customers' security systems.

Ÿ   Routine maintenance: the system is delivered, from time to time to provide equipment cleaning and routine maintenance.

Ÿ   Training, consulting and system recommendations: according to customer demand to provide customers with system operation training and security consulting, and the problems for customer security systems, to provide comprehensive advice and solutions.

Ÿ   Liability and property claims: According to the agreement, be liable for the loss of customers stolen.

Ÿ   Provide customers with emergency relief: as long as the customers with urgent needs, issued an emergency rescue, patrol officers immediately sent to customers at the implementation of emergency relief, minimize the loss of property and personal security.

3. Advantage

Ÿ   Shop Prevention reliability

A. vigil to sleep in the stores, not so much vigil, but rather that another place to sleep.

B. the use of the eTel high-tech retail network burglar alarm equipment, 24 hours a day for someone close alternate networked shops, supermarkets users real-time monitoring, detection, if any, police intelligence, specialized security team rushed to the scene to stop the crime, to prevent theft.

Ÿ   Risk prevention initiatives

A. if robbers forced robbery, the vigil weak, difficult to resist, very dangerous.

B. professional security person to guard the safety of Internet users and property in case of police quickly rushed to the scene, while the 110 command center will inform the police quickly out of the police.

Ÿ   Safety precautions

A. vigil guard the stores theft fought against injury, disability, death, the owner must bear the medical pension.

B. the shops night scene without staff left behind, and property of someone escort, more real-time professional security defense.

Ÿ   Prevent loss protection

A. guard failed stolen goods cannot be obtained vigil compensation owner

B. Prevent mistakes result in a loss on the user, the responsible in the insurance.

Ÿ   Precautions economy

A. shop owners at least $ 120-600USD vigil monthly salary.

B the service fee is very cheap and affordable.

Ÿ   Hidden costs

A. vigil to use the telephone, electricity, air conditioning and other miscellaneous expenses is not a small expenditure. Does not rule out other expenses.

B. no expenses.

Ÿ   Convenient

A. regardless of the cold in winter and hot in summer, rain, wind, weddings and funerals, visiting friends and relatives it cannot be sloppy, must arrive guard.

B. any situation, any time, simply close the doors and windows, and enable device, all will be fine, the holidays can still enjoy the security services.

Ÿ   Emergency

A. Emergency there is no way to manually call the police.

B. Simply press the remote control or the hidden emergency button; police command center will receive it within few seconds.

Ÿ   Destruction power, telephone line to robbery

A. if the offender off the power and telephone line, the vigil had to open the door to observe, so easy to be used by criminals uniforms, loss of property.

B. power-down and off the telephone line, the command center will know. After power failure backup battery the evening off alarm center telephone line security personnel immediately out of the police rushed to the scene.

Ÿ   Real-time recording vigil

A. night watchman arrived at the scene, leave early, late record.

B. disarm, arm, manual to operate, power and telephone lines were destroyed, all has a record to send center for future reference information, it is automatically saved in the alarm center server, reliable and secure.

Ÿ   Prevent high technologies crime

A. theft molecules to pass through perfusion gas, master key, micro-oxygen welding, hydraulic jacks, DC drilling, anesthetics can enter the shop theft, robbery.

B. the high-tech equipment let the criminals do nothing, the criminals also puzzled by the scene and arrested.

Ÿ   Friends and relatives relationship

A. relatives and friends to keep store costs.

B. low cost, relatives and friends still close as ever.

As above comparison, we will find that the advantages of the shops alarm system that is very obvious, as rapid economic development, more and richer social material property, the demand for security will be more intense, not just property security, the more important is the safety of the demand, the market demand is huge.