Internet Cafes Security Solution

1. General

With the growing number of China's Internet cafes, Internet cafes security management has become an important issue today. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Culture, to further regulate the Internet market, the vast majority of the existing Internet cafes in three years must be added to the major licensee’s chain management system, the management body to strengthen the day-to-day supervision and management of its chain of Internet cafes is also essential.

ET8511 IP FAM (Fixed Asset Monitoring) is an enhanced controller which integrated with I/O port, RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), Relay, Sensor functions, it can help people to monitoring, control the remote devices.

ET8511 IP FAM main application filed is Power grid automatization, industrial monitoring, traffic management, weather, finance, Basic Environment protecting, colliery, Oil field etc, especially, apply in security, remote control.

2. Feature

We strive to improve on number of enterprise management research, demand summarizes the following aspects:

Ÿ   Remote cafes inspections: regulatory authorities monitoring center computer field profile image, see the Internet cafes Internet cafes sampling control remote real-time. Supervision of Internet cafes standardize their operations at the same time, penalties for violation of the provisions of the Internet cafe operators to provide the basis.

Ÿ   Remote video: control department in accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities to save the surveillance video data for a certain period of time, so as to higher authorities and owners of Internet cafes operating an effective basis accident analysis provides emergency occurs.

Ÿ   Security: in the aisle of the cafe, the cashier, the global seating places weather real-time video surveillance; with emergency button on each seat, and emergency alarm call to receive guests' needs.

Ÿ   Network show: The system supports open to any user (the extent permitted by regulatory authorities), any Internet user can log in to watch Internet cafe site conditions, the cafe owners can use this system fully to show its good business environment .

Ÿ   Remote monitoring: for large brand chain of Internet cafes operating body, in addition to local demand to establish a network monitoring system, but also the various branches of centralized remote video surveillance to ensure that any of its normal operations of a chain of Internet cafes.

3. Function

Ÿ   Network camera function is powerful, easy to operate the monitoring terminal software or IE browser, users can log in directly to the platform to view the surveillance video site; addition, you can set the monitor live video recording is saved in the camera, the local computer, remote computer or server.

Ÿ   Network cameras with FAM controller can set up surveillance cameras and alarm system, when management work, if illegally entered, the system will immediately alert to management, management log on to the network to monitor in real time Internet cafes situation.

Ÿ   Alarm system, the host call set good management phone and call monitoring center phone. (Note: The monitoring center as the command post of the cafe chain security management, received here from the various branches of the alarm messages generated by network monitoring video system, real-time understanding of the details of the location of the cafe in case of emergencies, by monitoring center for efficient command.)

Ÿ   Composition

Ÿ   Network Camera: capture live images after compression coding through the ADSL network transmission out, landing in different places by monitoring terminal software or IE browser, to view the scene in real time, the video image can be saved, and linkage alarm host.

Ÿ   FAM alarm host: receiving the trigger signal is sent from the analysis of the wireless detectors, and intelligent alarm: activate the camera for taking pictures, send alarm SMS and MMS, and call the user alarm call center alarm phone, the linkage of the corresponding switch.

Ÿ   Wireless smoke detectors: Install the hall, probing to the smoke when the cafes event of a fire, that triggered the alarm host.

Ÿ   Wireless door detector: the installation to be monitored on the door frame or window, the host alarm is triggered when the illegal open the door or windows.

Ÿ   Siren: Connect alarm host, when the alarm is triggered, the siren will screech.

Ÿ   Wireless shutter door sensor: installed in the rolling gates, when the illegal open the door to trigger alarm host.

Ÿ   Wireless emergency button: When the cafe had an emergency such as thieves broke into the need to ask for help pressing the emergency button that triggered the alarm host.