City Security Alarm Monitoring Solution

1. General

The speed and scale of urban construction gradually increased, but the corresponding city security issues also much of the concern, the city's development needs a lot of foreign population, the increase of the floating population also increased a lot of people crime factors, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of Public Security and recommendations, based on the Shenzhen eTel FAM alarm controller series urban safety monitoring was been prompt to the police station for the grass-roots units to establish monitoring alarm system, it's able to solve in the event of an emergency, the police can instantly get the live image information, so that the police can respond quickly to actual site conditions, it protect property and personal safety, and prevent crime and combating crime. The solution uses digital IP security products, it's a fully functional, new application of investment network video solutions. In the design fully reflects the concept of sustainable development, the use of network technology and digital image processing technology to provide a variety of comprehensive service functions. IP network (LAN) to extend the traditional analog CCTV systems and existing alarm system, use of existing networks (broadband) to create a digital video surveillance system can be cost savings for users, and can fully meet user requirements for security.

The solution uses a combination of Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. FAM alarm controller and DVR video surveillance system, the seamless integration of the data center Famer Cloud mesh platform management software and DVR video monitoring center software, when an alarm is generated, real-time display in Famer management platform, marked the location on the map, show contact phone number, address, etc., the user can click "Browse" to view live video, and support video record functions.

Ÿ   Monitoring point configuration

Base on each police station, set the monitoring point at the main communities, streets, commercial establishments, financial institutions, schools, hospitals and other grass-roots units, in each police station. set up at least dozens of monitoring points.

Ÿ   Network environment

Monitoring points to the police station are based on the public IP network (ADSL or residential broadband)

Police station to the branch public security line or fiber-optic

Ÿ   Remote Video Monitoring Requirements

It supports remote monitoring, control, video record, and remote call.

2. Feature

Ÿ   Network Video transmission

On the public Internet and police private network, any authorized user can through the browser to view real-time video from the scene camera. Each authorized user can view the video camera is no limit.

Ÿ   Video record

Video recorded is on DVR server, it save on the DVR hard disk or server, the image storage is flexible, distributed structure. Multiple video servers can support thousands of cameras for 24 hours recordkeeping requirements.

Ÿ   Video playback

Any authorized network users can playback video server within its mandate any video, even if this road video in other region.

Ÿ   Video monitoring

The authorized user (operator) can be observed through the computer monitor (or analog monitor) all of the camera video.

Ÿ   Video output

Supports variety of formats, images, pictures output. The video files can be converted to AVI format files produced as a CD-ROM, using the standard player software to play.

Ÿ   Video transmission.

If the network has been connected to the public Internet, any authorized legitimate users can log in to the server, and remotely view the live video (within the scope of authority), history video.

Ÿ   Alarm management

Through Famer data management platform, users can remotely manage ET8511/ET8611 all IO ports. The ET8511 IP FAM using industrial-grade standard design with digital I/O input and output, analog input interface and other functions, RS485, RS232, DI, AI, TE interface, can be connected to a wired or wireless sensor connection, to achieve Remote security alarm monitoring. ET8511 supports variety of sensors, example: door sensor, infrared motion detectors, sound and light alarm, gas detection, smoke detection. In the event of an invasion, the server will automatically record the scene, call the appropriate camera, notification sound, light duty officer. The central server has the ability to multitask multiple places at the same time an alarm condition can also timely processing. 

3. Function

Ÿ   Each police station system architecture (front-end subsystem)

Network topology shown below:

Description: set dozens of monitoring points in each police station, after encoding, through the public security private network or public internet ADSL transmission to the police station monitoring center (tertiary center), and then third centers through the client front-end monitoring point to manage, view and control, you can also browse monitor output analog signal of the TV on the wall in the third centers, the use of the system VM (virtual Matrix); browse any of the front-end in a few of the monitoring center points.

The third center server is an independent system, even out of the second, and first center, it can run, the implemented solution as shown above.

DVR video compression, package (Voice optional).

ET8511 IP FAM provides DI, AI, TE port, you can connect a variety of wired / wireless sensors.

ET8511 IP FAM DO alarm output port can output an alarm signal which connected to alarm output device, such as sound and light alarm, loudspeaker.

Ÿ   Second monitoring center (branch monitoring center)

        Diagram shown below:

secondary monitoring center (branch monitoring center) configure server, the directory service for the secondary directory of the system, within the scope of the two center equipment can be installed in the secondary center gateway service management, all monitoring points built a completely web-based, very powerful network video systems.

Video server provides image storage, playback and services. A video server can support multiple camera images are stored, browse. This can be anywhere within the network camera, do not have to be set in accordance with the sequence or region in the plurality of cameras.

In the secondary monitoring center in order to ensure the normal operation of the system, the directory server and video server and so double backup. Virtual matrix functionality in the server software, the TV on the wall in the monitoring center can be the image of the front-end coding equipment.

An authorized user of the Internet can view any way images and video files in their home by the login server directory server.

Ÿ   System architecture diagram:

Entire urban alarm network monitoring system, through the Internet, the of executives view Territory Area Security, if the alarm occur, it will show in the monitoring center with alarm sound and light and video record, and it can be linked to 110 command center or immediate police station, and timely processing of alarm information.

The architecture diagram is as follows:

Convert all analog cameras to be digital camera, and it through TCP/IP to connect LAN network. The video streaming is through a powerful server and database for management. We share Famer data center software is ideally suited as the integrity of the system, professional solutions. The Famer management software has the ability to manage thousands of remote FAM support multi-server architecture; the number of clients is theoretically no limit. Firmware upgrade is free of charge. All parameter settings are remotely over the IP network.

Ÿ   System Management

Famer mesh cloud platform support the B / S system, legitimate users can be used in accordance with its level permissions IE browser directly landing Server to watch FAM status, camera video, view alarm. system administrator management, site management, equipment management, user management, including configuration, modify, or delete site management, automatically search for and display device server, relay server, video server information, including name, IP address, you can modify the site name, and remove the invalid site. Equipment site will display all devices, there have been, if a device is no longer in use, you can delete it. Offers four types of users, including administrators, super users, the average user and browser user, with different permissions range, the same type of user can set specific permissions, a total of 64, log on to their own user name and password. Lens group and electronic maps can be individually assigned for each user.

Device Manager provides encoder, decoder, matrix and ancillary equipment to increase, modify, delete, and configuration parameters, and set an encoder which video sites to vesting. Can easily set up the electronic map, layout of the lens, and the map is assigned to the user.

Group of devices in the system lens group management, to facilitate the monitoring and management. The entire group of devices at one time assigned to a user, rather than one by one individually configured.

Log management, the operation of individual users, not artificially modified recor