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RFID newborn baby solution

1.     Introduction

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology used in the management of the newborn, a wristband with a RFID tag affixed to the neonatal medical staff can record information of the reader to read RFID tags store the children's real-time information. The reader can be divided into fixed readers and handheld mobile data terminal. Information can be read through wireless networks to the data center server for centralized management. And positioning, and video surveillance together to form a more perfect baby medical care system. Reduce medical errors, to avoid the medical risks, the true realization of the scientific and standardized management and let hundreds of thousands of parents to be assured.

Hospital information management is a modern trend. But the baby's medical care there are still some blind spots, under the specific requirements of the science of information security and medical work, there are common problems and difficulties. Newborn baby to take care of themselves the ability to problem not directly say, for the newborn child's body is not very stable, physically fragile, and is also likely to be infected with pathogenic bacteria, hospitals generally take the whole closed-end management, the child's parents, it’s far from assured. New born baby looks like a very similar, however, that frequently appear in the child wrong, and there are many blind spots and inconvenience for the infant's identification with their medical care.


2.     Main Function

1) Focus on information management

Adequate medical digital information using a standard electronic medical records software system through rigorous design and implementation / S structure, a friendlier user interface, the doctor can always bring up the baby or patient information in the form of reports and charts showing the clear and intuitive. Easy for doctors to make accurate judgments, orders, and some comments to the information can be passed through the system storage and network in a timely manner, nurses can be called at any time by hand-held data terminal information. Delay the transmission of voice, video, data, information, and through hand-held data terminal PDA. Precise positioning, a doctor can receive comprehensive and timely information can make the most rapid and accurate judgment and processing. Information at any time to maintain symmetry, and centralized management.

2) accurate identification

Every aspect of the medical relationship with health and safety of human life. RFID (radio frequency identification) as the 21st century the most noteworthy technology, RFID technical protection. Fixed RFID readers and RFID handheld data terminal can accurately identify the RFID tag. Using active RFID tags embedded in the wristband, and equipped with a temperature reader can be real-time transmission of information and temperature of the baby. The wrist strap with user-friendly design, to avoid the traditional way of something caused by the baby's skin infection and come off easily.

3) real-time data acquisition to deliver

Babies all kinds of information, the entire system can be collected by real-time monitoring and fixed reader to scan RFID tags wristbands wristband tag temperature reader, the timely conduct of the hospital's nurses through handheld mobile data terminal PDA voice and data communications, the nurse can be hand-held mobile data terminals, rapid acquisition of real-time dynamic infant status information. The first time when the emergency situation, you can ask all the information without delay. These are the medical work is very important. Via wireless transmission, to ensure the timeliness of the information and convenience.

4) and the seamless integration of other applications

Uneven degree of information technology of the modern hospital, fully consider the compatibility and scalability of software and systems. Reserved for the interface, extensive expansion. And hospitals of the existing software system seamless docking, fusion with the hospital's wireless network. We can also according to customer demand the deletion of the module, and integration of existing resources, to upgrade the hospital's wireless network, to build a new generation of "Interference-Free architecture" interference-free wireless network, system and network integration into voice, video, data seamless delivery and positioning. More comprehensive information management system.

5) the video linkage, ordered visitation queuing

RFID readers and video surveillance can be linked as needed to manipulate the System Center management platform to which an area of video surveillance and scanning. Real-time transmission of data over the wireless network, continuous display on the System Center.Can also be a problem to make the fastest action. When the family visits, by a specific RFID visiting card, health care workers can help in the next call up the electronic records can be hand-held mobile data terminals and RFID readers, displayed on the screen. RFID reader to read the information at the same time can be linked video, visual display of the baby now. Maximize the protection of family members and orderly assured of access to.

6) guaranteed support to promote the development of medical

Medical services to infants and their families as the center will be more scientific, information technology, user-friendly. Reduce medical errors, and maximize the efficiency and accuracy of medical workers, but also to ensure the hospital's IT investment, improve the quality of hospital care and the overall level of the image. Reduce the lowest cost of ownership of the hospital, to win the biggest return on investment. From the information management and medical water for the whole, increased by one grade. Win the trust of the people and recognized by the community. It will promote the development of the medical profession as a whole a great step forward.