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RFID Elderly Man Apartment Location Identify Solut

1. General

With the trend of an aging population increasingly accelerated, more and more elderly population faces many the elderly safety management matters. the security management of the nursing home elderly, becoming increasingly concerned about the problems of the community. Nursing homes and other large public places, such as for personnel access control and intelligent area, locate precise positioning, help the police demand on the market, at present, there are a variety of different types of solutions, from the initial GPS location management, mobile location management , to later passive RFID, have varying degrees of elderly nursing home management level improved, the issue of security for the elderly to get some effective solution, but there are still some problems. for example, the problem of the precise positioning of signal coverage, the elderly need to be positioned to each region to facilitate security patrol personnel to deal with at the first time of receiving the alarm, retired falls unconscious help alarm problems, etc., these systems did not method to solve.

Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. in view of the existence of these problems specifically developed the elderly positioning recognition system. this solution through to wear active electronic wristbands labels for each elderly, allowing administrators do not always follow in real time and know exactly the trajectory of the activities of the elderly. Each label in the management system to record the basic information of the elderly, health status, medical history and family members Contact information , through visualization software system for easy locate at any time, facilitate the intelligent management of the apartments for the elderly. Same time, can be a good solution to the management of the automatic identification out of cell security personnel and guardianship elderly location of regional positioning, the fall / emergency medical help alarm functional requirements. The systems can also intelligent monitoring and management, personnel, information management, cross-border police for help alarm button, historical walking tracking and other functions. It greatly improved the level of safety management for the elderly.

According to the demand for apartments for the elderly, we designed the following systems:

The export of the door in each room and each floor, each building entrance and the entrance of the apartment are placed fixed reader, it's used to identify an floor monitoring wristband tag worn by an elderly person, making monitoring computer (through the floor carry PAD control room) or administrator, you can grasp the physical location of the elderly and other information. The elderly and administrators is 24 hours in order to achieve real-time status monitoring, to protect the security of the elderly. Our aim is to improve the care of the elderly, in order to reduce the frequency of accidents, improve the management level of the apartment.

Through battery-powered RFID wristband tag with the old man, and exports, install the reader at the door of each room and each floor and each building door and apartment, the device will send to the position information to the center software, the human location will show on software.

The RFID positioning system for the elderly using RFID active tag, the operating frequency is the 2.4 GHz, it will not cause interference of medical and other equipment. The size is about 4 * 7cm, thickness is less than 2mm, wristbands, badges and other forms can be made. Wear the electronic tag to care for the elderly need to track their real-time information, you can in one hand. Elderly through regional networks can monitor real-time location, status and other information, and then read in the control software. The apartment management just by simple mouse operation can be informed of the real-time location and status information of the elderly, to find them quickly and implement medical program.

Shenzhen eTel technologies co., ltd. according to market demand of the wireless internet of things RFID, Combine with GPRS FAM function, develop ET7241RFID GPRS Reader, it able to real time send RFID TAG information via the GPRS network to data center. Data center platform will receive the data and save into database, users can just use browser to access data and view all information.

ET7241RFID Reader is mainly used in schools, residential security, plant access, government access control, automotive systems, ET7241 RFID Reader also support FAM feature, which supports 3 DI, 1 DO, 1 AI, 2 TE ports, it can be connected to different sensors to cooperate with RFID function.

ET7240 active RFID IP reader supports Ethernet interface without installing a SIM card, direct use IP network for communication with the data center. With easy installation, system stability, and a wide range of monitoring features.


2. Feature

Powerful system processing capacity

Ÿ   Highly automated

Ÿ   Based on GIS technology, geographic information query system

Ÿ   Improve data analysis capabilities

Excellent recognition performance

Ÿ   High degree of recognition reliability, the distal end recognition rate of 100%

Ÿ   Identify the distance (identification distance of up to 2-100 m adjustable)

Ÿ   High anti-collision (each of the identified base station can identify up to hundreds of moving targets)

Ÿ   High degree of recognition stability (bit error rate of less than 1 per 100,000)

Ÿ   Fast identification speed (fastest to achieve recognition speed of 200 km / h)

Field advantage

Ÿ   Environmental adaptability: high anti-interference, the interference source, perimeter no special environmental requirements.

Ÿ   Ease of installation: integrated structural design, no external antenna.

Ÿ   Operational reliability: internal circuit highly integrated device failure rate Min.

Electrical Characteristics

Ÿ   Ultra-low power consumption: Nava ultra-low-power design, RFID tags cannot replace the battery for normal work for more than three years.

Ÿ   Convenience, safety, labeling without an external power supply, without charge, there is no need to replace the battery.

Ÿ   No radiation, no effect on the human body and the environment safer and healthier.

System hardware design

Ÿ   Industrial band: 2.4G industrial band wireless communications without radio Regulatory Commission approval not required to pay the cost of spectrum occupancy.

Ÿ   Low power consumption

RFID tags using a unique Nava ultra-low-power design, ensure that the battery support continue to work up to about 3 to 5 years. at same time, the overall structure of the low-power design to ensure the effective operation of the equipment, but also reduce the complexity and cost of the implementation of the application.

Ÿ   Network capacity

A network of regional location can accommodate up to more than 60,000 of RFID to identify the target and a large number of access points. The large capacity for ensure network's powerful data acquisition capabilities. At the same time, the high redundancy of the network to ensure that the entire network in the case of individual nodes stop working can still be normal operation.

Ÿ   High reliability

Real-time location system core technology is unique positioning algorithm, network self-wake-up from the fault-tolerant, self-healing.

Ÿ   Operation and low maintenance costs

All hardware devices are maintenance-free design, construction and maintenance of the required labor costs are very low, any authorized RFID tags on the network as long as the wireless coverage area, you can join the network automatically, without any installation and configuration . Highly intelligent maximum extent possible to reduce the time and manpower required for network maintenance, coupled with the network node itself is inexpensive, making the system extremely low maintenance costs.


3. Function

Ÿ   Real-time location

RFID equipment worn by the elderly in the district can locate and display on the electronic map. Looking for a position, enter the name of the person or number you want to find and the staff can quickly locate location. Anywhere (anywhere), anytime (at any time), anything (anything) to ensure accurate and reliable real-time mobile, to provide protection for the safety of the elderly, provide strong support for the management of staff.

Ÿ   History tracking

Real-time dynamic display on the electronic map the location of personnel, management personnel dynamic control the number and distribution of personnel, move the mouse to the icon, you can view the personnel details. The system can weather records the time and place of all staff through the path of movement of the personnel tracking and playback, route and time to master the details of activities.

Ÿ   Access Integration

Through some important entrance, the staff of the terminal will be the RFID reader to communicate, good use of RFID remote identification features, high-volume read, the elderly do not have credit card, all fully automated, each read take the information will be transmitted to the background management system, and recorded in the database. It supports to read the data for high-speed moving objects or persons.

Ÿ   File management

From the first day of the elderly persons, the elderly can be entered into the system, including basic information, health information, and precautions. The terminal allocation elderly RFID tags, labels can store some information, has a unique ID number, according to the information in the database bind. Managers can assign different permissions to the staff, the elderly information CRUD, at any time, edit the file information for the elderly, and the management of the whole process of the elderly. The biggest feature is node personnel can be tracked, addressing, which is the core essence of the Internet of Things.

Ÿ   SOS alarm

The elderly / security personnel wearing terminal with SOS alarm function buttons, the event of an emergency, you can press the alarm button (hit the button in order to avoid possible misuse, long press 3 seconds), and then the platform will receive alarm information, staff the location, you can always call up the personnel information, as well as the health status of the elderly individuals, suffered from the disease, and other relevant information, the rapid response of the medical staff, emergency guidelines in a timely manner, the staff may support quickly.

Ÿ   SMS alert

In the elderly file management, to establish the elderly contact form view in the database, the system according to the information collection and processing, set the SMS alert function, elderly children and relatives to send text messages on a regular basis, elderly people can understand a variety of living conditions for the elderly. Reflect the institutions active humane care of the nursing home, elderly people can learn more about nursing homes and elderly, making the family more at ease. To let people know about distant parents about their daily lives is the real.

Ÿ   Mobile attendance

Specific areas need to be on duty inside the cell, or regulations need to be in a certain time period patrol routine patrol routes of regional coverage through the deployment of reader devices, RFID wrist or equipment card carrying security personnel to enter the area, the system automatically recognizes and displayed in real time on electronic map in the background. At same time, for any period of time, a person walking trajectory query and playback. The same time, through the background configuration settings, according to the needs of internal security management, the output corresponding attendance reports.

Ÿ   Report Statistics

Information collection and treatment of the elderly, according to different factors can produce different reports and statistics. Such as day-to-day activities for the elderly, data mining analysis can be more suitable arrangements for the activities of the elderly, as well as the adjustment of work schedules. More scientific and more obvious way to manage and arrange the staff to be more convenient and smooth, better, more proactive services for the elderly.

Ÿ   Any one time query and display the controlled area target quantity, distribution and identity.

Ÿ   Query the actual location of one or more controlled object.

Ÿ   The can realize multi-point information sharing for multiple departments and leadership at the same time in different locations to view.

Ÿ   Map features: zoom in, zoom, move, scale ranging vision control center movement, control soil, map printing and other functions.

Ÿ   Closed alarm function: For a given restricted area, if there is unauthorized access, real-time alerts, and access to the airside objectives and identity.

Ÿ   Target trajectory query: to find out the path of a target a certain period of time, and line trajectory shown in the figure.

Ÿ   Controlled target attendance capacity: Statistics on access dispatched regional goals achieve the goal of attendance records, establish the objectives of the statements (such as: time reports, monthly report of attendance, overtime reports, absence reports, etc.).

Ÿ   Emergency control: Once emergencies, immediately on the host computer can display information such as the number of targets of the site, information, location and history of, greatly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of safety management.