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Elderly Electronic Nanny Solution

1. General

Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd., based on a deep understanding of the characteristics of national policies and community service, to build a home care service system for the civil affairs departments to build the demand of the the Chinese characteristics pension service model, the object of "community-based aging population guidance, enterprises and service agencies for additional outlets, community volunteers, as the support for the old service network center, the establishment of a full range of information technology in the home care service system ", developed with strong comprehensive information exchange platform based on my company to ensure system stability and scalability, integrated peripheral calling terminal.

ET7241 active RFID GPRS Reader, it able to real time sends RFID TAG information via the GPRS network to data center. Data center platform will receive the data and save into database, users can just use browser to access data and view all information.

2. Feature

There are two types of services to the elderly who need to get:

First, emergency relief, the elderly may happen some emergency situations, such as: elderly emergency condition and the home is not the case, if someone in a timely manner, and take urgent measures, the user is a big help.

second, general service, for example, the home water pipes broken, the lamp is broken, there is no gas, if this time people quickly through a simple way to help you, to the user, especially among the elderly is not convenient and more?

Of course, both domestic help can obviously help by phone, call 110, or call the service company phone. If an emergency medical condition of the elderly, it may have cannot make a call, or even if they can make calls, but cannot speak, cannot know the specific location of the distress 110.120, making the rescue becomes invalid; need to remember a lot of call services company phone service company's phone number to the user in terms of a lot of trouble, so a lot of home posted a hotline number.

eTel's call system for the elderly, electronic nanny will ensure that residents, particularly the elderly, when the service needs, do not remember any phone number, just press the red button will be able to get emergency help, press the green button to get general help.

3. Function

Ÿ   Help subsystem

Emergency, important matters, such as sudden illness, home fire, press the red button, the client's primary interface to call for help information list.

Emergency for the elderly and unwell, offers a variety of emergency services which including notifying property security, the elderly and children, neighborhood, and health care institutions, 120 and so on. Center agents will be the first time, as soon as possible based on geographical information for the elderly and history, comprehensive notify the staff rushed to the scene in order to protect life and property safety of the elderly.


With a dedicated terminal or common telephone terminal, the elderly the platform specified key or dial the specified phone, the system will automatically enter the state of emergency rescue services. Computer call center agents immediately shows and information relating to the elderly, and the elderly call, to understand the situation, and be treated accordingly; specified by the SMS notification of family members. Such as on-one answers, start the emergency process, notify the property security or community nursing stations come see processing.

Ÿ   Help subsystem

Resort to general information, such as bottled water demand, the lamp is broken, press the green button, the client's primary interface to call for help information list. The main services include pension services, housekeeping services, health counseling, bottled water delivery, booking, scheduled medical treatment, legal rights, counseling, and so on. Mainly through the integration of third-party units and service information platform system, according to the needs of the elderly, the completion of the call forwarding.