RFID smart electronic shelf labeling system

1.    Introduction

In order to optimize inventory, improve the efficiency of asset management, real-time inventory status, accurate knowledge of the flow of assets, inventory management, intelligent, scientific and automation, effective control is lost or idle assets due to poor inventory asset management, improve management efficiency and service image, Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd., is based on the assets of the reign of the smart shelf management system, using advanced RFID technology and computer software technology to RFID tags as an information storage medium and paste the assets in the chip The basic information stored in the asset and recipients to return the state of the assets of the registration, storage, locate, inventory, information management of a library, online testing process.

Unified numbering system for assets, prepare accounts, the cards, strict state management items in the warehouse, to achieve the items out of storage precise registration, smart stock inventory, goods flow to track. Systems to strictly monitor the warehouse of all the items in the library, that is, whether certain items in the library. If the item lending, no longer need to manually record the asset lending operations need only be performed in the system can automatically assets lent. System multi-level unit / departmental networks, asset management, real-time recording of assets from which the units / departments, warehouse lending, borrowing which units / departments, and at any time the assets of all units out of storage and the library situation.

Using Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. a newly developed RFID smart shelf, real-time on the matter of the reign of assets account, card inventory, inventory, statistics print a report on a regular basis in order to improve the existing inventory management methods, improve management reduce the intensity of the work to achieve location and tracking of corporate assets, and help companies achieve consistent asset and the carrying for enterprises to establish a state-of-the-art, standardized, optimized management system to help businesses minimize operational costs and risks, which improve the utilization of corporate resources, improve efficiency and return on investment of asset inventory.

1) Asset label way

The business assets of a wide range of different size, the individual differences of the items, and metal characteristics of the goods, then it will be difficult to stick labels to develop standardized rules, also put forward higher requirements on the size of the label and specifications. Before the sticker, you must press the assets of the type of category management.

Assets in the library can be divided into the class of the big box, small box, metal objects, ordinary non-packaged goods category four major categories of items.

a) the big box category refers to the outer box packaging, the volume of assets, the box may include one or more items. For such items, due to the large volume, was added to our catalog or inventory management more difficult, lend or return the registration more difficult, so an asset with a label to manage, label pasted out on the box. Lend or return the registration, registration and management using RFID handheld.

b) small-box items are outside the box packaging, but the relatively small volume of assets, the box may include one or more items. For these items, the label outside the box, lend or return the registration RFID asset lending device to register.

c) Metal goods category refers to a single piece of metal objects, metal identification label interference, so the tag the way, hanging on metal objects, RFID asset lending device to register in the lending or return the registration.

d) The ordinary non-packaged goods category refers to the individual items, using RFID asset tag or paste in the lending or returns the registration circulation device to register.

2) Intelligent shelf design

An RFID smart shelf modular design, the shape is good for hiding, according to the actual needs of the user asset management, customized production, can also be directly on the shelf on the basis of the transformation. Smart shelves with LED indicator prompts the device if it detects assets on the shelf above, light can be suitable for use on various occasions.

The system's data flow of the main exchange price server software middleware. Supermarket system data spread here, organized into the company's protocol data to the base station, base station wirelessly exchange data with the label. Software, middleware, real-time collection of base stations, labeling data, organizes them into a supermarket format required data.

Placement of shelf embedded panel antenna horizontally, flat on the underside of each layer of shelves, and is capable of sensing placed on the asset tag.

Store of branch standard shelf is 50cm; the length of about 150cm, each shelf side by side placed three panel antennas. Each shelf has four layers, a total of 12 embedded panel antennas. Smart shelves need to be configured so that each one 4W reader and two multiplexer, the reader signal assigned to the multiplexer, and then connect to the 12 panel antenna.


2.    Main Function

Assets to achieve asset management based on RFID smart shelf/storage control, asset location and quantity of statistical information query process automation, as well as out of the assets automatically selected library statistics in order to facilitate management, query and master the material flow , in order to achieve a convenient, fast, safe, and efficient management objectives.
   1) The physical assets that uniquely identifies
First, based on the uniqueness of RFID tags, one to one correspondence with the physical assets, and then by the RFID reader device entry in the label name, category, origin, quantity, and location information of assets, and finally installed on the asset tag.

2) To achieve the automatic positioning of the assets

System, the system can enter the asset number or name, incumbent on the assets in real-time scanning smart shelves, navigate to the assets, smart shelf automatically open indicator, suggesting that the shelf location of the assets are located, the whole process only takes 10 seconds in will be able to complete.

3) The reign of assets automatically inventory

Inventory when you do not need to manually each asset eleven inventory, just need to start the "Online Inventory" feature, smart shelves cycles to read the RFID tag information on the assets, and read through the communication interface to asset information to the server, the server application software asset information to appropriate treatment and real-time inventory and count the reign of assets, and inventory data to compare, if we find the existing data in the scan data and database conflict, the resulting message to the final asset inventory form can be printed according to the needs of users.

4) The assets of storage management

Assets when you need storage, management will be produced according to the invoice a single storage system based on a single storage information to determine the storage and shelf life of the asset should be stored by the RFID reader reads the RFID tag of the asset, the record of the asset information, and assets placed in the specified shelf, and then check the cargo space on the electronic tag information, information log on to the system database.

5) Asset Library Management
When assets need a library, management, production storehouse according to the sales contract, the system is determined according to the storehouse of information storage and shelf life of the asset should be stored on the smart shelf real-time detection and navigate to the asset and cargo The electronic label verification of the information, and finally information log on to the system database.

6) The safety management of the assets

Through intelligent security inspection doors installed in the warehouse door, real-time collection of tag information, if the assets are not authorized the library, the system will immediately and security systems linked to the police, to ensure the custody of security of the assets. If it is authorized assets out of the library, the software will automatically record a library of information and statistics.

Electronic shelf label system through the server, the data reached the scene of the price of the server computer. Computer through the ESL software middleware need to modify price information via the network cable to the to the base station.

Distribution at retail outlets, the base station via wireless, the next transfer instruction to the price of brand label. The price tag receives the instruction to answer the base station. The base station reported data to the software middleware. The price of the server through the internal network to aggregate tag data to back-office systems processing statements.