RFID warehouse management system solution

1.    Introduction:

Your company is experiencing the following problem?

1. When search the goods in the warehouse,  and we often cannot find it out.

2. We don’t know the stock goods in warehouse, we don’t know the exactly location.

3. Each inventory goods, long time for checking.

4, storage, a library with longer time-consuming, affecting the efficiency.

The above problems, the enterprise product will seriously affect the logistics delivery efficiency, resulting in chaos management, improve enterprise management costs.

Bar code/RFID electronic labels, warehouse management software system can solve the above problem. Every item can pinpoint the specific location on the data center software, an accurate count of the quantity of goods/specifications, precise management of each individual storage, a library process.

Bar code/RFID warehouse management system Introduction

The system uses bar code/RFID technology, combined with the ERP visualization of database software, the formation of a set from the storage, transfer database, inventory, a library, all-round and full of visual tracking. ERP barcode data management system is divided into center, handheld client management in two parts. Barcode warehouse management systems are accurate cargo management, precise positioning of the cargo storage position, accelerate the speed of transit of goods to prevent loss of goods or property damage caused by human factors.


2. Main Function:

1. Bar code/RFID electronic tags:

Mainly used in manufacturing, bar code/RFID tags in terms of assets, and personnel identification and monitoring. Markers, including tools, equipment, inventory of property, and related staff. Label can be designed into a variety of styles, such as card-shaped, strip, wrist ribbon to produce according to customer needs.

2. Bar code management software

The software sub-database center management software, handheld software. The module features include: storage management, a move library management, inventory management, cargo lookup, as well as a database management function of the five.

3. Data acquisition

Using the eTel ET7901 industrial grade reader, to adopt GRRS or Ethernet IP with the data center communications, and RFID data through a wired or wireless transmission to the database center.


3. Solution Benefits:

1. The precise positioning of the location of goods: to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency.

2. The standard process operations: to put an end to the man-made shipping errors, damage to property, improve enterprise management.

3. The precise statistics: real-time understanding of the quantity of goods, picking shipped in a timely manner, improve logistics and transport link speed.