RFID taxi remote identification system solution

1.    Introduction:

With the gradual improvement of the system through further reading and writing monitoring points rationalize the deployment of data mining analysis of building and huge Internet technical support, taxi remote electronic identification system has been actively boosting the Dalian City, the matter of the field of intelligent transportation networking development.

The system uses the most advanced RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and software technology to build a suitable taxi management system, the system consists of two aspects of integrated business processing and inspection. Through the establishment of the Taxi remote electronic identification system for the 8500 urban taxi to install dual-band-type vehicle identification card, the deployment of 50 handheld inspection devices. Law enforcement officers through a handheld device on the road inspectors, and its movement in the effective recognition distance of 80 meters, can accurately determine the validity of the documents for the first time, the legality of the vehicle, reducing the inspection time and unnecessary disputes. Also the assessment of law enforcement officers, law enforcement index, and avoid as behavior. Efficient identification, accurate to crack down on illegal operation of vehicles, regulates the behavior of legitimate taxi operators to effectively maintain the normal order of the urban passenger market. Relying on the implementation of dynamic monitoring system, but also to the car rental companies to master the operational status of the taxi company, especially for the abnormal situation of the taxi frequently make up the card, change the driver management to timely detection and investigation and handling, to prevent large-scale stop transport and other chain reaction.

The vehicle identification card with dual-band technology, the vehicle identification card is affixed to the sole legitimate identification of operating a taxi. The inspection system will be through its long-range read vehicle information in order to determine the legality of the vehicle.

The dual-frequency mode to circumvent the single-frequency tag management features, both to achieve a long-range regional multi-vehicle identification, but also to achieve the management objective of close target cycling. Management model for the country taxi industry analysis, the use of Active 2.45GHz and passive 920-925MHz dual-band combination of read and write. Dual-band electronic tag performance advantages:

Means of identification, long-range regional multi-vehicle identification and close targeted cycle management

Identification range of 915MHz to identify a distance of <12 m (0-8 m)

2.45GHz identification distance <120 m (the effective distance of 100 meters)

Recognition speed 915MHz vehicle speed <40KM / h, suitable for close-targeted cycling

2.45GHz vehicle speed <200KM / hour, suitable for long-range regional multi-vehicle identification

The security of encryption algorithms and authentication, to prevent the link eavesdropping and data crack

915MHz line polarization direction, the target identifier; 2.45GHz circular polarization and regional recognition

Power 915MHz passive tags do not need to maintain dual backup data to ensure the 2.45GHz internal failure documented.

2.45GHz Active Tag (6-8 years).


2. Main Function

Provides demolished state electronic identification technology

Vehicle identification card with the demolition of state identification technology takes the initiative to launch the demolition of the signal, and can be read. Superb circuit repair restore demolished chip, the system was still able to judge this card for illegal card, and can track on the demolition of the label. The technology effectively to identify the identification card, whether man-made damage, and to identify the malicious replacement is lawless elements, apply to such acts.

High performance and high complementarity  

Vehicle identification passive tags use in the project, the useful life of more than 10 years; active tag's battery life up to more than eight years, and the active device's battery power, passive devices can still work, the electronic tag can continue to play a role. as to guarantee the quality of the electronic tags.

Malicious up card controversial approach of a vehicle

Loss or damage caused by a replacement card is normal behavior. But there are some illegal operators malicious behavior of a replacement card is to let the legal "protection”. In this regard, the Phoenix Huibang after six years of study to develop a comprehensive and effective solution. Intelligent on-line analysis system, mainly through data warehousing - online analysis - data mining "three-step change on the vehicle identification card data and inspection data for analysis and data association, clustering analysis, classification, prediction, timing mode and deviation analysis.

Emergency decision support system

Each command center of the GIS system will be real-time monitoring by GPS, taxi, when a large number of taxi * GIS system will automatically give the vehicle inspection car to send commands. Vehicle inspection system back the way through voice prompts to tell the inspectors, and automatically design the best driving route, for the fastest to reach the site of the incident. Meanwhile, the remote electronic identification system can be rapidly extracted mob vehicle information, owner information and company information. Provide information and decision support.

Traffic intelligent guide system

"Ubiquitous" taxi driving characteristics, to divert through traffic LED displays and other electronic devices, real-time monitoring of broadcast traffic information, prompting the driver to avoid the peak sections and construction sections, emergency prevailing state of the road of rational planning and rational optimization shunt, to solve the congestion situation.