RFID factory worker management system solution

1.    introduction

Production-oriented enterprises tend to be staff-intensive enterprises in the management of the business is often more complex, in such enterprises, mostly through the system to manage the most important point in the system of management is: Is there a loophole Implementation in place, otherwise, to reach a good effect. At any point in the production chain out of line or problems that will cause the entire production chain out of line or problems, thereby affecting the quality of products, affect the brand. So how do you manage each point in the production chain? To achieve 100% execution? How to combine the advanced management concepts and management tools, production-oriented enterprises have been looking for. Like the 5S management, 6S management, Six Sigma, etc., the demand for us.

This system based on the actual needs of the plant, using the most advanced RFID technology (radio frequency technology) with the factory management, plant personnel time management, work area and location management, intelligent control, and thus make the plant more efficient management, intelligence.

Workers into the factory every day with the electronic label card, because of the electronic tag is active, can be kept out launch information workers to read and write area, installed in the read and write the card reader will read the label information, then the reader through a network cable or serial signals to the computer, against the database will be able to see the detailed information of the workers. Each read and write areas reader can be set at a fixed time interval for viewing. As the location of the housing, roads, canteens and other placed in other places in the factory: the reader. Appears the signal disappears, cross-regional actors such acts, the central control room, sound and light alarm to prompt management personnel during the processing.


2.    Main Function

Workers every day to wear electronic tags on the card to work. The card is a more advanced radio frequency card, its distance from 0 to 80 meters reader communication.

Work: workers wear an electronic card to reach the factory gate, the factory's gate installed card reader, when the recognition within the scope of the staff card to reach the reader, the reader is able to receive information from the staff card, card reader through a network cable or serial line data transfer to the machine, the management unit immediately verifiable information on the officer (** sector ** workshop ** production line, the employees' basic information, etc.), as indeed the factory employees, the system automatically records to the attendance sheet of the day into the plant. Employees in the system prescribed time period timeout to the factory, the system is recorded in late alarm, on the one hand, the staff ID number of records to the system [the factory monthly attendance tardiness table], on the one hand, in the database transferred out of the [staff months’ time sheets], and record the date of late record. The card with the chip of the distant communication distance, the staff do not deliberately went to the reader the edge, get off, or stop credit card reader can read 200 tags. Greatly improving the efficiency of the plant.

Work: workers wear an electronic card to reach the factory gate, the factory's gate installed card reader, when the recognition within the scope of the staff card to reach the reader, the reader is able to receive information from the staff card, card reader through a network cable or serial cable to transfer data to the management unit, the system automatically records the factory to the date of attendance sheet. The staff time required in the system ahead of the factory system, remember to leave early alarm, on the one hand the record to the system of employee ID number [factory month attendance tardiness table, on the one hand, in the database, bring up the [employees monthly attendance sheet ], and record the day and leave early records.

Overtime: When the factory require employees to work overtime, can be responsible for attendance by the workshop director to the department feedback, modification or deletion of system settings.

Other cases from the factory: when there are special circumstances employees from the factory, workshop director or production line, head of the department responsible for attendance feedback management to the system Note label reasons.

Staff to locate the track record

Employees rough positioning trajectory: installed in different locations of the reader, to read employees' e-label cards, and then to judge the location of employees; and can employees access to a different location, describe the movement of employees trajectory.

Staff precise positioning trajectory: regional positioning, set a certain amount of coverage (such as 10 to 200 m) radius, the radius area personnel access to locate the reader signal strength. The reader according to the time set by the backend system, from time to time to read the label of a staff, to locate each worker in the region of production workshop activities. Positioning interval, depicting the trajectory of the real-time action of every employee.

Can be set in advance in the management system database, the detailed work of each employee can be entered in the database: ** plant ** Group ** production line such as employee ID number, employee name, type of work, work area, the team responsible for the names of and so forth.

Employees wear label card for each plant, on the entrance of the factory gate reader will read the staff card, employee ID number with the database in contrast, if the employee's work area is indeed in the plant area, The normal release and record the specific time to save the employees admission. When the staff of the factory district, the reader reads on the factory gate export employee card, the system will automatically record the time of the employee factory. If the employees come from the factory to the office area, the office of reader will also record the employees' access to records.

The system will automatically generate each employee's action track list: employees out of the number of each plant or office, residence time, walking track in the area of the factory, and so on.

To determine each employee's work efficiency. If first-line production employees, according to his job responsibilities in the area of the factory production, that the number leaving the factory and stay in the factory is the assessment criteria; if the management team, according to his job responsibilities in the office area office or management by walking around, and then in the number of plant, and out of the office and residence time of his appraisal standards.

If you want to query the locus of action in which employees can query the system.