Meeting Attendance Solution

1. General

At present, all levels of government, the National People's Congress, People's Political Consultative Conference, Forum, Summit and other meetings of the conferences a high level, large numbers of delegates, conference organization and management is relatively complex. So, how effective identification and statistical delegates to become an important core of the conference organization and management.

Traditional hand sign through security to check the identity of the participants, based on the information provided by the participants verification, low efficiency, is not easy to automate statistics, and subjectivity to identify inaccurate.

Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. has strong R & D capabilities and RF technology, according to customer requirement, successfully developed open channel based on RFID technology meeting attendance equipment, it specifically address how a short time many participants quickly through, but also to ensure the legality of the identity of each person. Meeting attendance system using this open channel devices to change the traditional management mode, active TAG, wear wireless badges (RF tag), you do not need to take the initiative through the channel by swiping automatic sign, no card person pass the device will alarm. Open meeting attendance system has been widely used to access large numbers of people and places that require authentication.

ET7900 RFID IP Reader, it able to real time send RFID TAG information via the local network to data center. Data center platform will receive the data and save into database, users can just use browser to access data and view all information.

ET7900 RFID Reader is mainly used in schools, residential security, plant access, government access control, automotive systems, ET7900 RFID Reader also support FAM feature, which supports 3 DI, 1 DO, 1 AI, 2 TE ports, it can be connected to different sensors to cooperate with RFID function.

2. Feature

Ÿ   Open channel management

Using ISO/IEO15693 protocol, the channel width up to 1.2m, automatic identification of participants wearing identification card, do not need to stay, making the sign is simple, fast, intelligent.

Ÿ   More than sign

The literacy rate of up to 40-50 frames / second, to ensure participants quickly through the system is stable, reliable, effective way to avoid the traditional hand-signed and crowding in the credit card sign.

Ÿ   Staff authentication

Personnel access to read and write machine with images linkage function to monitor access to personnel, real-time capture and out of photos of personnel, staff compared Photos saved within the system, discriminant and out of the legitimacy of their status, illegal entry, the system automatically sound light alarm.

Direction recognition

Two ET7900 reader, personnel access direction discrimination, and provides more accurate data.

Ÿ   Upload real-time data

Check-in to check out the data can be uploaded in real time to the data center, to facilitate the management of real-time view, when the network fails, the channel device can work offline.

Ÿ   High consistency, stability

Channel read and write machine can be applied to staff-intensive, complex environment places, and support 24 hours a day to ensure the system is normal, stable and efficient operation.

Ÿ   Easy to install, easy to use

The open sign system is easy to install, fast, can be installed in a short period of time, simple operation, easy to use.

The participants worn the RFID card for identify the participants. the organizer will send invitation with electronic TAG for each participants, the system will stored user pre-store participants information. Participants through the long-range channel, the system will auto-sensing RFID TAG and read the card ID, system will immediately display photos and information security through real-time monitoring window immediately determine whether the person through the legal, if illegal person, the access immediately stopped.

Conference attendance channel devices as a new smart attendance system with high anti-counterfeiting, the long-range identification RFID tag technology as the core, greatly improving the staff sign the speed and efficiency of the meeting to improve the level of information for the meeting, making the meeting more humane. It can bring the Assembly efficient, safe and convenient conference management; improve the overall image and grade of the General Assembly, the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly and the host hotel's influence.

eTel's open channel devices make up the defects of the existing conference system, meeting attendance, more perfect, more efficient management and more convenient.