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Students Home& School Security Solutions

Recent school hazardous incidents continue to occur, the education sector and parents of students in particular, the safety of the nursery school students is very concerned about the popularity of home-school system has been very necessary. Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. launche "eTel - Students home school safe system". This system combines 13.56 MHz RFID technology, SMS technology, GPRS transmission technology, build a safe and secure platform for teachers, students and parents.

1. General

Student Home-school safe system use RFID TAG for identification, automatic attendance, Web publishing, safe messaging, and other functions, provides a full set of identification TAG to the application system with independent intellectual property solutions. Student home-school system including means of identification subsystem, data acquisition monitoring services, Web services and GPRS/SMS service modules.

Student Home-school safe solution using  ET7131 13.56Mhz HF RFID GPRS reader, ET7133 GPS&GPRS RFID reader and ET7130 RFID IP Reader etc.。

 ET7131 13.56mhz HF RFID GPRS Reader, it able to real time send RFID TAG information via the GPRS network to data center. Data center platform will receive the data and save into database, users can just use browser to access data and view all information.

ET7130 13.56mhz HF RFID IP Reader provide Ethernet port, it able to connect to school internal network directly, and there is no GPRS traffic fee.

ET7133 GPS&GPRS RFID Reader support GPS module based on ET7131 GPRS RFID Reader, it able monitor school bus location in real time, more accuracy to record student location.

Through the school gate reader to read RFID tag during students into school or out school, students must TAG on the reader on the school gate, school bus, class. the reader will send TAG information immediately via GPRS to data center servers and stored in the database, finally, send the student Information to their parents phone via SMS.

The network structure as shown:

Student home-school system structure

The system running process is as follows:

Installed in the school bus (ET7131 GPRS high-frequency RFID reader or ET7133), the entrances and exits of the school identification subsystem through a card reader reads the TAG card information to complete the school bus of students up and down the recognition judgment out of the campus, the recognition results through GPRS / Internet transmitted to the server, the server writes this information to access the database of record. System core business processing service detects out records database and attendance information is generated within the core database of students and attendance and SMS safe message. Attendance information is written to the core database and the safe messaging is written to the SMS database, responsible by the SMS service to send messages to the parents phone.

2. Feature

1) student management

Students school file management.

According to grade and organizational structure of the school, set free the student's grade, class and group; always add, delete, modify the Campus card user details (including students, parents), add a single campus card user or batch add campus card users.

The system supports blurred, accurate query and browsing student information;

2) teachers

Teachers and personnel records management.

Record school education faculty, the overall level of teachers, at the same time can be specific to a teacher's detailed information (including: Number of teachers, department, teacher's name, date of birth, gender, education, job title, home address, phone, etc.) and information (including personal learning experience, work experience, etc.);

The system supports blurred, accurate query and browsing teachers information, timely modify, add information;

3) Safe SMS message

SMS reported security system and campus attendance system work together effectively, component security, real-time information home the school interaction attendance system. Student school bus up and down, credit card access gate attendance information will be sent in real time through the platform to the parent’s phone. Meanwhile, in order to prevent the omission and cannot receive text messages caused because the parents phone signal weak the SMS reported security system will attempt to resend of the specified number of times within a specified number of times, If you do not receive the correct reception of the status report, will try again send to help parents better grasp of the situation of students in the school.

SMS with SMGP agreement with China Telecom SMS Gateway to communicate with each other. Provides a API interface, support two-way SMS transceiver, mass, state the reply status report query. Also provides maintenance and management functions of the business volume statistics.

4) TAG card management

Maintenance of the campus card management, including the report of loss, a replacement card, the back of the card, changing the card

Report the loss: student card is lost to the campus card management department should be promptly reported the loss of procedures

Up card: report the loss during campus card from the campus card management department to re-submit the card

The back of the card: students who transfer or due to improper use damage to the campus card management departments for the back of the card

Card replacement: the campus card quality reasons lead to identify the fault by the campus card management department Trading Cards

5) System management

Powerful system management level are the system administrator, general administrator, record, view, add, modify and delete permissions can be flexibly assigned and can lock the registry. To meet the needs of multi-role, more practical, convenience and security to the system!

6)Course management

Holidays, weekend breaks and must school day and school day to and from school time settings; holidays and rest days, Access Control System will not like the school day, during school hours will not read campus card users yet to come, or the late SMS sent to their parents, so as not to cause unnecessary worry to parents.

7) Query statistics

Statistics for some time attendance status of students in the class, generate a print, you can send text messages to parents informed, in order to detect and solve problems and take preventive measures.

According to classes, by grade level, according to their individual statistics students a variety of classroom and attendance.

8) Attendance Management

Set according to the actual situation of student leave to leave class. Some students because of special circumstances late leave early, sick leave or forget card by the class teacher, with the consent of its sign, is not included in this late, leave early and did not punch.

3. Sum

Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. Student home-school safe system let the parents can understand the students in the school situation, the students out of school, school bus real-time monitoring, the maximum protect students safely at any time and place.