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RFID kindergarten Shuttle management system

1.    Introduction

Children's safety is top priority in the hearts of parents and kindergarten teachers, and the shuttle link is a key link in the relationship between child personal safety. The vast majority of kindergarten with paper card transfers, but this card is easy to copy, counterfeit, illegal card will not alarm no record of child care and out, making child care transfers there is a big security risk, and child care attendance statistics and management is extremely inconvenient. Busing children to school on time parents is difficult to know, sometimes because of negligence on the part of the staff and the children left in the car accident occurred.

To the maximum extent possible to prevent security incidents, to ensure children's safety, the use of more advanced, more reliable transfer system is still important.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology, through radio frequency signals automatic target recognition and access to relevant data, identify work without human intervention, can work in a variety of harsh environments.

RFID technology can identify the high-speed moving objects can also identify multiple tags, quick and easy operation. RFID technology has a non-contact, high precision, anti-interference, speed and ability to adapt to the environment and other significant advantages; it can be widely used in production management, logistics management, transportation, health, commodity security, asset management, and defense and military fields.

RFID is an advanced and powerful technique, which is based on radio frequency technology; materials can be used as means of identification. RFID In addition to store a unique identification number, can also store a large number of relevant and material useful information, and wireless security transmission. RFID tags will be encapsulated in the material surface, it contains all kinds of information will be stored in the chip in the center of the label. The information contained in the label can be with them to read and update work with the card reader in the controllable range. RFID readers can have multiple interfaces and with back-office software systems to connect to more complex logic processing. RFID technology and the common bar code technology, RFID tags can carry the amount of information, for example can communicate more flexible use.

A.  Electronic tags (Tag)

  Electronic tag chip will be stored uniquely identifies items that represent information; from the appearance point of view, the label can have a variety of packages; from the power supply point of view, the label is divided into two kinds of active and passive. Signal transceiver functions, real-time read the RFID tags within the scope of monitoring, and read through the appropriate network information is passed to the background of the software system.

B. RFID middleware

The "heart" of the RFID system in a variety of real-time information to obtain information about front-end label, and according to customer demand for real-time processing. RFID tag reading and writing skills, particularly applicable for the occasion of frequent changes in data content, middleware major role in the reader, data acquisition and system instructions to convey, is widely used in the supply chain, warehouse management, transportation management, production management, material tracking, delivery vehicles and shelves to identify, store, especially the theft of goods and other occasions in the supermarket.

eTel RFID reader via an antenna sends out a certain frequency RF signals, when the tag enters the antenna radiation field, the induced current to obtain energy, sending out its own coding and other information, the reader to read and decode and send to the computer The host processing.

The eTel RFID personnel management system uses advanced UHF RFID radio frequency identification technology, mobile phone short message service platform and computer information processing technology developed with comprehensive information management system.

System for automatic identification, simply electronic label card authorization issued to the individual using the card is equipped with electronic tags in the chest, can be used as a tag or other stylus. Long-range reader through the installation of the channel or door, the long-distance reader automatically read the card information and card information transmission to the back-office management system, background computer to receive the card number and send information to display screen, the display shows the personal information including name, time, and photos. The whole process does not need to artificially remove the card and card reader. The reader is fast and can be more than the same time by. The background time to know the staff and out.

The system can accurately and quickly identify the relevant object data back to the processing center, set by the system responds to the prompt custody staff, custody staff timely access to relevant information, serve as an effective management, the role of security.


2.    Main Function

UHF long distance RFID reader to read and write distance, you can simultaneously read multiple cards

The passive tags do not need to maintain

The multi-faceted reader antenna array structure, to ensure that no leakage to read the phenomenon

The reader automatically reads the card information; do not need to stay in credit card increased by efficiency

Students to school and leave school via text message to the relevant guardian prompt

The system data can be stored for a long, query

UHF RFID reader, read range of 5 to 10 m

Through the entrances and exits can be accurately identified by the system

The unique anti-collision algorithm, one can read the cards, personnel to identify efficient and accurate

Read speed, to reduce congestion

Can effectively improve the management quality of service

Operation of process automation, easy to install

Technical parameters

Model: ET7900 900 MHz of UHF RFID reader

Working frequency: 902 ~ 928MHz

Meet the Standard: ISO18000 - 6C

Read range: 0 ~ 10m

Antenna connector: SMA

Communication Interface: GPRS, RS232, 10/100M Ethernet

RF power: 1W

Antenna gain: integrated 12dBi

Antenna Polarization: horizontal or circular polarization is optional

Application effect

a. Specification management: the parents pick the card with hours access control, only to enter kindergarten within the time allowed in the nursery to ensure safe and orderly in the kindergarten environment;

B. High security: The system uses advanced radio frequency card credit card transfers, to replace the traditional paper cards, contactless IC cards, magnetic cards, safe, convenient, reliable, advanced, durable, high grade;

c. High level of security: system with RF card has the world's only chip serial number, it cannot be copied, forged; lost card promptly report the loss, report the loss of card, illegal card, credit card alarm, alarm time, alarm sound can be manually set to improve the security level of child care transfers;

d. Scalability: kindergarten optional morning check charges, healthcare, home school, SMS notification management module, according to their own requirements in order to achieve a variety of Park Service management; staff card time and attendance functions, credit card records time and attendance system automatically enters .