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RFID Access Control for School and safe SMS soluti

1.    Introduction

Campus safety and discipline management is a topic of great concern to each students and teachers, parents, and society as a whole, especially in primary and secondary schools, kindergarten students younger students, independent living and poor, parents and teachers for our children's personal safety, as well as mental health worry.School education and the level of infrastructure is an important part of society as a whole, relationships with hundreds of thousands of students to grow healthy relationship with millions of families happy and secure, and more related to the future of the nation and the world.Strengthen campus safety management is a top priority.Campus access control system is also common problems and that the traditional artificial guard, or use contact or contactless IC card identification system management.While there are still many problems, there are many pitfalls and unscientific management.For example, parents and teachers can not be timely and effective way to know the information of students, campus management and inefficient, wasting a lot of manpower, material, and can not achieve a satisfactory effect.

Application of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to achieve the modernization of the campus access control, intelligent automation and level of education and infrastructure, new network technologies and long-range radio frequency identification technology, a highly centralized and integrated use of, this is a predictable systems.Use of remote non-contact sensor, so that students do not have credit card, the RFID reader automatically reads the label, the system automatically will accept, process the information, easy controllable, stable and fast, and parents feedback information in a timely manner, the campus management can be based on accurate information.Control of the whereabouts of the students and attendance to ensure students' safety and discipline management, and real information of the modern campus.

2.    Main Function

Established at the school gate RFID readers, tags issued to each student, RFID tags can be placed on students wearing student Cary, the tag contains all the information the students, each tag has a unique ID, every day students access to schools, in front of the card reader can remotely read the tag, is passed to the database, the settings to the student's parents to send text messages at any time of the transmission of information to parents, such as: "your child in what came to / leave the school system to transmit information via text message, or mail the form, not only is the school's access to campus information, and can also include students' test scores, notice a variety of activities, the recent children's performance, the school can selectively sending students and school-related information, so that student information can be timely feedback to parents, schools can these data and information to carry out effective targeted management, school management do predictable viable reform extensive expansion and innovation, to provide the most basic guarantee for the information technology campus construction, thus enhancing the level of information management for the entire school.


1.      RFID tag information is written

Students want to write data to write blank RFID radio frequency identification card; label card for each student has a unique identity ID, the RFID reading various types of data currently stored in the radio frequency identification cards, including student name, classes, teachers, home address, etc., you can easily modify or (re-write) data in the radio frequency identification cards.

2.     RFID reader meets a variety of protocols

The ET7241 active RFID readers support seamless network integration, real-time read and write all EPC-compliant labels, multi-protocol radio frequency identification reader, fast and accurate access to information, access to information while also mentioning the visibility control rich, scalable, and flexible expansion with the change of the system can do.

3.     RFID automatic long-range identification

Students to and from school through the school gate reader in the RFID tag of the students of the student Cary remote read, read range predictability of about 20 meters, the read speed of up to 80 km / hours, per hour to identify the RFID tag of the 1000 induction, eliminating the need for traditional manual guard students to produce the card or credit card, as will inevitably lead to omissions and inefficiencies will cause student resentment. Use a variety of RFID identification can quickly read the student's wear label; dozens of students through the rapid identification of the can is accurate, thus improving the accuracy and efficiency.

4.     To identify the direction

RFID reader to identify the direction, to ensure that the system can accurately identify the students come to school or leave school, thus improving the integrity of the whole system more intelligent.

5.     Effective and timely communication of information

Via SMS service platform, student information can be issued via text message total to parents, parents can know exactly children to school and school-leaving time to determine a student safety on the road, as well as students in the school's state, such as attendance, absences are to avoid unnecessary disputes between parents and schools. For both schools and parents the right to guarantee a legal basis to make it transparent, more just and reasonable. The most important thing is the direction of the school and the family has been the mutual symmetry of information, convenient and efficient communication of information between educators and parents of the students can well complement each other to enhance the overall quality of education. Schools can also use the system to the implementation of internal management, such as teachers and students attendance system, a monthly basis based on accumulated data, the system automatically generate attendance reports, as well as the education sector, real-time to understand the situation of each school to facilitate the assessment of school The attendance level.

6.     Timely query

The system for the B / S structure, as long as any computer connected to the Internet can view management, the various departments of the school can set the appropriate access and administrative privileges, and relevant departments such as the principal's office, security office, teacher, etc. according to the privileges you can view the information and within the competence of the relevant information can be printed.

7.     value-added services

School can sell the naming rights of the student card to the nearby businesses, the best business stationery stores, bookstores, supermarkets, these businesses are closely related to student life, but it must help students who are advertising to the students to bring convenient. Investment in businesses such ads will be very effective, the campus from which to obtain the advertising costs, and reduce the overall cost of ownership of schools and students, schools and students to reduce input costs.

8.     reducing the overall cost of ownership

RFID tag card as much as possible to reduce the price to a minimum, you can charge a deposit, students graduate or transfer can retire. RFID tag cards work fine, and not easily damaged, long-term use. Students need only a month to pay some of the low SMS charges. Large one-time investment, the late very little effort. Maintenance volume and workload than other systems, the late great significant advantage of the system with advanced technology, centralized management, campus information technology to improve a grade, and overall reduce the school's overall Chen.