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College Campus RFID Card GPRS Solution

In secondary institutions, staff and student's documents, files, attendance, cafeteria dining management are not associated; no mutual contact between the various departments, it waste of human and financial resources, and the efficiency is low. The various tertiary institutions are looking for a simple and efficient mode, and the smart card technology is one of the important solutions to promote management mode.

The smart card has many advantages, earlier in the application of the foreign universities, the University of Singapore from 1991 with the IC card to the Campus Card; also has applications in the United States, Malaysia and other universities; college faculty staff and students of the documents (including staff card, student card, borrow books, records management, staff attendance, payroll, canteen management, car park, skating rink, public phones on campus, campus buses, kiosks and other small amount consumption and other functions integrated into a single card, that is non-contact IC card operation of the system enables institutions to get rid of the cumbersome, inefficient management, put more energy into research work and skills in the campus card. system in the country, has also been widespread adoption.

Shenzhen eTel technologies co., ltd. according to market demand of the wireless internet of things RFID, Combine with GPRS FAM function, develop ET7131RFID GPRS Reader, it able to real time send RFID TAG information via the GPRS network to data center. Data center platform will receive the data and save into database, users can just use browser to access data and view all information.

ET7131 RFID Reader is mainly used in schools, residential security, plant access, government access control, automotive systems, ET7131 RFID Reader also support FAM feature, which supports 3 DI, 1 DO, 1 AI, 2 TE ports, it can be connected to different sensors to cooperate with RFID function.

1. General

Non-contact IC card, also known as radio frequency card, is a new technology of the developed world in recent years, the surface of the card close to the reader to complete the card data read and write operations, it succeeded in radio frequency identification technology, technology combined to solve the passive (no power supply card) and free access, the major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices, compared with the contactless IC card, contactless IC card has the following advantages:

Reliability: without mechanical contact between the non-contact type IC card and reader, avoiding various faults arising due to the contactless reader. For example: the brutal card and non-card insert foreign objects into dust, or oil cause poor contact and other causes of failure. In addition, non-contact IC card surface without bare chip, do not have to worry about the chip off, electrostatic breakdown, bending, damage and other issues, both for the printing of the card, but also improves the reliability of the card used.

Easy to operate, fast due to the use of radio frequency communication technology, reader in the 10cm range card can read and write, did not plug the card action. Non-contact IC card use, no direction, the card can be in any direction skirting the surface of the reader to read and write time of not more than 0.1 seconds, greatly improving the speed of each use.

Security anti-collision non-contact IC card serial number is the only manufacturer in the factory prior to curing this serial number cannot be changed. The world does not have any two cards of the same serial number. Two-way authentication mechanism between the non-contact IC card reader, that reader to verify the legitimacy of the IC card, IC card to verify the legitimacy of the reader. Non-contact IC card reader before the operation the three mutual authentications, but also in the communication process all data is encrypted. The card each sector has its own operating passwords and access conditions.

There are many problems on the current university campus card, mainly in the following areas:

Ÿ   Due to the rapid development of the card application, the school units and gradually establish their own card application system, resulting in students who hold multiple cards.

Ÿ   Campus network to establish a late, the school units management cannot be unified.

Ÿ   Currently, the university campus network built and put into use, the establishment of the campus card system may be maturing, and RF IC card application system for the establishment of the campus card system to provide technical support, campus card management has become a campus management the inevitable trend of development.

eTel companies campus card management system for the universities and the major secondary specialized school management design, and strive to change the many problems mentioned above, the system of comprehensive state-of-the-art RF IC card technology and network communication technology allows card and a multi-purpose card management can be achieved.

Top contactless cards, magnetic card, optical card, TM card, contactless IC card, etc. a variety of categories, a common drawback: they are present in varying degrees and needs to use the card or a contactless reader, the reader device easily stuffed foreign body was vandalism, vulnerable to dust, soot and other pollution caused by head trouble reading or writing, card reader friction will cause the card and read-write head wear and shorten life. Use in harsh environments such cards cannot meet because of their vulnerability, affecting the applicability and scope of application of the system, not suitable for card applications.

Non-contact IC card (ie, induction IC card), due to use read-write mode, it completely overcome these shortcomings, its memory partition characteristics make it particularly suitable for card applications. In recent years, expanding the range of applications due to non-contact IC card, direct costs greatly reduced, promoting the application of it in the field of card it possible.

Non-contact IC card as system information carrier can ensure that the system has the following advantages:

Passive, contact-free (without card access), the card long life.

Waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, all kinds of environments.

Sensing distance of up to 4-10cm.

Safe, reliable, and contains anti-collision mechanism, the password three mutual authentication, confidentiality is very high.

Powerful system management functions can be set in the card all kinds of categories and permissions, convenient classification management.

2. Function

Ÿ   Internal data

Campus card use mafire1 card, the capacity of 8k, distributed as follows: The memory space is divided into two different regions. A common data area, its main role in the definition of media cards, license code written by the card authorization. Another area called the application data area used to store user information (written by the card issuer management).

Ÿ   Device management card and user card

Device Manager Card: All readers and other equipment to read and write before use, it must use this card authorization or written by the issuing procedures to read and write operations.

User card: refers to personal information and the amount of consumption of the IC card reader has been written to.

Ÿ   Operational safety mechanism

Campus cards do not allow overdrafts.

In order to avoid the Campus card work unstable or man-made destruction, card key fields (Public amount of area) has a checksum containing anti-collision mechanism, mutual authentication password three times.

Campus card instead: student cards, work permits, identity cards, library cards, medical cards, membership cards, meal cards, bus cards, wallet, and passbook.

Campus Card Applications

Student management: registration, cancellation, transcripts.

Identification: library, computer center, the university hospital.

Payment: tuition, on the machine, medical, three tables, school bus, water control.

Dining: Restaurant, cafeteria, fast food shops.

Shopping: Department Store, demand shopping malls, retail stores, Bookstore, Materials Management Department.

Entertainment: club, entertainment center.

3. Feature

The project consisting of one canteen and card system, it used in schools, manage the school canteen computer. the non-contact sensor card system includes reader and charger device, reader for payment of teachers, students Consumer card charging machine card number used to record the consumption data via RS-485 converter directly connected to the computer for data collection and various parameter settings.

Induction card (consumer cards) with the world's most advanced Philips mifare 1 non-contact IC card, the internal package specific frequency induction coil and the chip through ET7131/ET7130 RFID reader which can be written on each card, the only corresponding digital (card number) and a certain degree of the amount of consumption (recharge), sensor card charging machine is used to induction the to receive the of the equipment, which itself can be through the computer carried out settings, to achieve different functions. When the teachers, students held sensor card In the after the credit card of the charging machine induction District,, the the dining card number, date, time, and dining view, the amount of has be immediately recorded and stored in the machine, the when needed can be will charging machine is connected to the with the computer, to transfer data to your computer, and then the processing and statistical of the through the application of software, to achieve the user to open an account, dining, the statistics and print of the query of the recharge and other data statements.

Quick and easy: the consumer simply shaking in the effective distance sensor IC card charging machine can be completed in less than 0.1 seconds of data read and write operations, enabling rapid credit card. Dining simply an IC card, can be achieved by the dining staff managed accordingly.

Safe and reliable: only the corresponding the dining person's name, number and the induction IC card digital data in IC card packaging, such as non-strong vandalism, permanently, to ensure a high degree of security. Proximity card charging machine without physical contact, long-term stability. Terminal FLASH storage technology, data can be stored for 10 years.

Work Offline: charging machine can be connected to a computer when the card account, recharge management, while computer offline consumer.

Set the consumer time, to facilitate sub-user consumer statistics, queries the basis of the analysis, as the cafeteria; You can set up multiple pay departments, pay-per-sector can only be set each device can only capture and query of the sector data, to ensure the independence of the management; IC card to open an account, recharge, read card number or the refund by number, report the loss, the solution linked to cancellation; individuals, departments, and the fees department of consumer data statistics; balances abnormal query and processing, consumption accounting charges sectors; query each user account, recharge, refund, consumption, balance, card usage; statistical analysis of individual users or departments to open an account, recharge, refund the balance; the analysis of the period of time consumption.