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Smart Home Security Solution

1. General

The origin of the concept of smart home early, but there has been no specific architectural project until 1984 United Technology Corporation (United Technologies Building System) construction equipment, information technology, integrating the concept is applied to the State of Connecticut, USA (Conneticut) Hartford (Hartford) of City Place building, the first building of "intelligent building", also opened from around the world competing prelude to the construction of intelligent home.

Demand after years of accumulation, is usually smart home is defined as the use of computer, networking and cabling technology, information management platform through family and home life related organic combination of the various subsystems into a system. Specifically, is the first in a home to build a communications network to provide the necessary path information for home, all home network appliances and devices in the home network operating system under the control of the appropriate hardware and implementing agencies, control and monitor. Secondly, they go through a certain network platform constitutes a channel of communication with the outside world, in order to achieve communication and information with the world outside the home, to meet the remote control, monitoring and exchange of information needs. Ultimately achieve to meet the people's safety, comfort, convenience and green demand.

With the changes in socio-economic structure, household structure, as well as information technology development and human security of the home environment, comfort, increased efficiency requirements, resulting in the demand for home automation greatly increased, more and more families requirements the smart home products not only to meet the basic needs, but also require smart home system in the function expansion, extension, and even services can do simple, convenient and safe.

Along with social progress, the development of science and technology, for the pursuit of their own quality of life has also been progress, from the mid-20th century, people look forward to the "upstairs, downstairs, light phone to phone, air conditioning, washing machine people for the pursuit of their own lives is increased gradually, to the beginning of the 21st century, especially in recent years, a new type of intelligent home concept, completely changed the people intelligent awareness of the family, it is the smart home.

Smart Home is a residential platform, integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home - system design security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology integration of home life related facilities, to build efficient residential facilities and family schedules transaction management system, improve home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and the living environment of the environmental protection and energy saving.

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM (Fixed Asset Monitoring) is an enhanced GPRS/SMS messenger (GPRS or CDMA service optional) which integrated with I/O port, RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), Relay, Sensor functions, it has more I/O ports than ET8610, which can help people to monitoring,  control,SMS alarm the remote devices.

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM main application filed is Power grid automatization, industrial monitoring, traffic management, weather, finance, Basic Environment protecting, colliery, Oil field etc, especially, apply in security, remote control. Implement transparent data transmission over GPRS/SMS network.

ET8511 IP FAM provide Ethernet port, it can commination with data center via Public internet, so just use the customer local IP network without SIM card. According to customer’s internet access, we can select ET8511 IP FAM or ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM.

FAM cloud management platform supports both C/S (Client/Server) and B/S (Browser/Server, Web-based) structure; users can simultaneously through the PC, MID, cellphone to access.

Data Monitoring Centre (C/S):

Base on windows PC, through client software Famer, direct access to the data center server, 7 * 24-hour run. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., it's suitable for data monitoring center.

User PC (B/S):

User PC is able to directly through any browser to access the cloud management platform WEB address, remote query/the control the belongs FAM. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., also we can use Famer client software (C/S) direct access to the data center.

Tablet PC and mobile phone (B/S):

Users of tablet PCs and mobile phones (including IOS and Android system), can be directly through any browser to access cloud systems management platform web address, remotely query/control belongs FAM. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., it’s suitable for end-user control belongs FAM at any time.

2. Construction

As a standard smart home, you need to cover a wide range of applications. Its simple diagram as shown below:

As shown above, a typical smart home system need to include the FAM wireless alarm controller and a variety of sensor control device.

         Different type of sensors or control devices, connect to ET8511 IP FAM controller by RF network, then through IP router share the information on the Internet.

3. Feature


ET8511 is a collection of information for all wireless sensors and wireless linkage control device. All sensor, detector will send alarm information to ET8511 FAM controller, and through ET8511 IP FAM controller send alarm detail to authorized phone, tablet computers, computer management device.

For example, when the door is opened during no one at home, the door sensor detects someone come in, the intrusion alarm is sent to the owner of the phone through a wireless gateway, the owner has approved to issue control instructions, electromagnetic locks wireless sound and light alarm automatic latch and trigger an alarm.

Ÿ   Wireless intelligent dimmer switch

The switch can directly replace the wall switch panel, through which not only can be used like a normal switching, the more important is that it has been composed of a wireless sensor control network automatically and all the IOT device, through the wireless gateway to its instruction issued switches, dimmers, etc.. Its significance lies in the owner left home without worrying about all forgot to turn off the lamp, as long as the owner is away from home, forgets to turn off the lights will automatically turn off. Or while you sleep, you do not have the room one by one to check whether the light is on, you need to do is just press the sleep button mounted on the bed, all the lights will automatically turn off at the same time you get up at night, the lights will automatically adjust to the soft, in order to ensure the quality of sleep.

Ÿ   Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

It’s mainly used for the detection of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Although the vast majority of air conditioning has a temperature detection function, but due to the size limits of the air conditioning, it can only detect the temperature near the outlet air-conditioning, which is an important reason for many consumers feel its temperature must not. With wireless temperature and humidity detectors, you can know exactly accurate indoor temperature and humidity. Its practical significance is to adjust the temperature when the indoor temperature is too high or too low to start the air conditioner in advance. For example, when you on the way home, the wireless temperature and humidity sensors detect the room temperature will automatically start the air conditioner cooling, such as your home, home is a pleasant temperature. In addition, wireless temperature and humidity sensor has a special meaning for you out when you stay in air-conditioned rooms, the outdoor temperature is no feeling, this time the temperature and humidity sensor mounted on the outside of the wall can play a role, it can tell you are outdoors real-time temperature, according to the exact temperature you can determine their own dress, and will not go out before they wear or wear less embarrassing.

Ÿ   Wireless smart outlet

Mainly used to control the switching of appliances, for example, it can automatically start the exhaust fan exhaust in the hot summer; this is an interesting application for the closed garage. Of course it can control any appliance you want to control appliances plug in the wireless smart to socket, such as drinking fountains, electric water heaters, and so on.

Ÿ   Wireless infrared repeater

The products are mainly used in the home can be infrared remote control devices such as air conditioners, electric curtains, TV, and so on. Wireless infrared repeater, you can remote wireless remote control air conditioning, you cannot get up to close the curtains, etc.. This is a very significant product, it can be converted into a traditional home appliances immediately smart appliances.

Ÿ   Wireless infrared anti-intrusion detector

This product is mainly used for anti-illegal invasion, For example, when you press the bedside radio sleep button, turn off not only the lights, and it will also start wireless infrared auto-arming anti-intrusion detector, if someone invasion will an alarm signal and can be set to automatically turn on the lights of the invasion area to scare off intruders. Or when you are away from home, it will automatically fortification Once someone broke into by FAM alarm controller automatically alert your phone and accept the police intelligence processing instructions of your mobile phones.

Ÿ   Wireless air quality sensor

The sensor probe bedroom air quality is cloudy, you want to go home and rest makes sense, especially families with infants and young children are especially important. It will tell you by detecting air quality indoor air affect the health, regulate air quality related equipment optimization can be initiated through the wireless gateway.

Ÿ   Wireless doorbell

This doorbell big house or villa of great value. For security reasons, most people sleep closes the door, have visitors press the doorbell, difficult to hear the sound of the bell in the room. This wireless doorbell to ring the bell to signal to the bedside switch to prompt someone you visit. In addition, no one at home, and rang the bell action will pass through the FAM to your phone, which is very important you understand the security status of the family and visiting.

Ÿ   Wireless door sensor, magnetic window

Mainly used for anti-intrusion. When you are at home, door, the magnetic window will automatically be disarmed, no alarm is triggered when you left home, door, the magnetic window will automatically enter the armed state, once someone opens a door or window will notify your cell phone and issued alarm information. Compared with traditional magnetic doors and windows, wireless door and window without wiring, attach the battery to work, very easy to install, the installation process is generally less than 2 minutes. In addition, for families with safe, this sensor is also able to detect and record the safe each time it is opened or closed and promptly notify the authorized cell phone.

Ÿ   Solar Wireless Intelligent Valve

This is a solar-powered wireless irrigation system. The general workflow soil moisture sensor soil moisture send FAM controller, Once the soil water deficit, the controller will send control commands to the wireless smart valve to notice water supply, the water supply time and water volume delivered to the FAM and FAM stored in the mobile phone or other device.

Ÿ   Wireless bedside sleep button

This is a battery-powered device that can be fixed or paste on wood bed, its role is to help you sleep close all the off electrical appliances at the same time the safety system into the armed state. Such as the startup wireless infrared anti-intrusion detectors, magnetic window, door and into the early warning arming state. In addition, it can also help you start the night lighting mode, when you get up at night, for example, open the light will be very soft, and not as a meal so bright, even if it is the same light.

Ÿ   Wireless gas leak sensor

The sensor is mainly the case of gas leak detection home, no wiring, if there is a gas leak alarm through the gateway and inform the authorized phone.

Ÿ   Wireless radiation sensor, wireless air pollution sensor

For some people who are sensitive to solar radiation, this sensor has a special significance, through which you can know exactly out in front of anti-solar radiation or contamination dust control measures need to be taken, and the only thing you have to do is look at the phone screen, because the outdoor radiation, pollution has spread through the wireless gateway on your mobile phone.

4. Sum

The above solution is typical solution based smart home system, use Shenzhen etel Technology Co., Ltd. of the FAM alarm Controller Series, including Famer center monitoring and management platform and FAM, sensors total smart home solutions.

The magic of the Internet of Things is that users can addition to the above, different type of sensors and controller system contains integrated together,. Wireless life perfect lift!