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FAM2220 Fail Safe Electric Bolt
Connect to eTel FAM/RFID Series
Suitable for Wooden,Glass,Metal Door
Bolt:16mm DIA stainless steel 16mm throw
Solid Bolt: polishing housing
800Kg Holding Force
Dual Voltage 12 or 24 VDC(optional) 
Standby Current: 110mA
Connect to FAM DO port
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM2220 is a fail-safe electric bolt. suitable for glass door, wooden door, metal door. We supply integrity equipment to collocate with fully frame less glass door, swing-in door and so on. Build-in Photoelectricity control and low temperature design.

2. Feature

·         Low Temperature, safe & Durable.

·         Low Power, Environmental Protection.

·         Special photoelectricity control, three steps current application.

·         Long Life with 500000 cycles.

·         MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection.

·         Superior Strength Aluminum Alloy, Solid Stainless-Steel Bolt.

·         Double protection for loading current.

·         Certificate: CE&MA

·         Photoelectricity Control, Low Temperature,

·         A: The Low Current is Changed immediately;

·         B: When door frame doesn`t coincide with door leaf, door leaf against the bolt, then the electric bolt will start the low-power function to bring low temperature.

·         C: The Photoelectricity Control Technology, prevent the mechanical defect.