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FAM1511 Industrial Motor Siren
Connect to eTel FAM Series
Industrial Motor Siren
harsh, Shrill
SoundGrade: 113/114
High frequency: 700Hz-1700Hz
Voltage: 12V DC 
Stylish, chic, beautiful 
Connect to FAM DO port
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM1511 small electric siren suitable for industrial plants, factories, warehouses, small-scale mining, automobiles, trains, ships, airports, ports, crossings, stations, silver buildings, schools, hospitals, residential areas, shopping malls, hotels, military, factory construction, mining industry, port etc.

2. Feature

·         Power arbitrary choice: (battery or battery) DC 12V, 24V, 48V, AC 110V, 220V;

·         High frequency: 700HZ-1700HZ alarm sound easily with the ambient noise distinction clear, harsh, shrill;

·         Compatibility: with smoke detectors, gas gas sensors, infrared sensors, level sensors, timers, various sensors coupled anti-theft alarm system can also be used alone, an alarm signal is different from other high-strong audio frequency sound alarm;

·         Variety of Mounting: horizontal, vertical, activities, vehicle-mounted, fixed, wall-mounted, embedded;

·         Design: stylish, chic, beautiful, and easy to integrate into the use of premises, both decorated with beautiful scenery and play a practical effect.

3. Specifications

·         Voltage V (AC): 12/24/48/110/220

·         Current A: 17.4/8.8/6.2/1.9/1.0

·         Sound Grade: 113/114/115/115/115

·         Frequency ± 50HZ: 900/900/1000/1000/1000

·         Net Weight (kg): 1.6

·         Packaging dimensions mm: 240 * 240 * 212