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FAM3210 ARM&DISARM TAG&Password Keypad
Connect to eTel FAM Series
ARM/DISARM Operation
Support RFID, Password
Operating Voltage: DC 12V 
Card Capacity: 400 cards,
Connect to FAM DI port
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM3210 non-contact sensing Access Controller is one of the modern and advanced access control system. Selection of the latest central processing unit (CPU) and large-capacity memory chips, all the information will not be lost due to power; powerful, with proximity card to open the door, open the door sensor card and password, the password to open the door three kinds of ways to open the door. Improve security measures in safe mode, tamper, proximity card allows users to more secure passwords, etc.; door button, doorbell can be accessed normally open or normally atresia and other powerful features allow users more convenient. FAM3210 provides an ideal device for a secure way to automatically import and export controls, chamber of Commerce agencies, offices, factories, residential, community and other places.

Work with FAM series products, using RFID TAG or password ways to control FAM ARM/DISARM operation.

2. Feature

·         Support for proximity cards, passwords, password three kinds of sensors to open the door Calgary

·         without connecting to a computer, all functions can be performed offline settings

·         Data power protection, power data is never lost

·         Direct external electric lock / door / switch / remote control door opener

·         Electric lock interface relay outputs, you can select normally open or normally closed output

·         Set the door at any time within 2-18 seconds

3. Specification

·         Operating Voltage: DC 12V

·         Unlock current: ≤ 1000mA

·         Static current: ≤ 60mA

·         Ambient temperature: 0 ° C-60 ° C

·         Relative Humidity: 20% -80%

·         Card Capacity: 400 cards, 3000 (at the price of the option to purchase)

·         Read Range: 5-15 cm

·         RF Card Type: ID card (EM card), IC card (Philips chip)

·         Dimensions: 116 × 116 × 28mm

·         Available colors: Silver

·         Product weight: 0.2 kg / month