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FAM1331 Pressure Water Level
Connect to eTel FAM Series
Detecting the air flow, water flow 
Copper structure 
Alarm output NO/NC
Start Flow: 1.2L/min 
Installed in any direction 
Maximum switching voltage:
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM1331 submersible level transmitter can be used for measurements in canals, lakes, wells and open container of liquid level, has the characteristics of simple structure, high measuring precision and easy installation. FAM1331 submersible level transmitter with stainless steel probes, conducting cables and electrical box. Transmitter probe for type 316 stainless steel structure, you can use it directly into the liquid to be measured. Sensor chip from 316 stainless steel diaphragm with medium isolation, so as to ensure it measures a variety of medium level. Electrical box from the Chambers of the circuit and wiring cavity Chamber. Zero and span can be adjusted on the circuit board.


2. Specifications

·         Economy

·         Compact, rugged and reliable Can be used to 0-1M ....

·         0-100m level measurement Precision is 0. 1%, 0. 25%, 0.

·         The 5%

·         Two-wire output 4-20mA or three-wire

·         1-5V output LCD display (optional)


3. Working principle

When the transmitter inputs into the liquid to a position sensor to feel the pressure as follows:

P = 9.80665 ρ H

Wherein P a fluid pressure acting on the sensor unit kPa

ρ a fluid density, g/cm3 units

A liquid level height H measured in m

So H ≈ 0.10197P / p

Feel the pressure transducer converts signals into electrical signals, this signal is proportional to the height of liquid hydrostatic level transmitter