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FAM1137 CO Detector
Connect to eTel FAM Series
CO gas detect
Semiconductor gas sensor 
Alarm output NO/NC
Dual adjustable sensitivity 
Low Power Consumption
Small size, simple installation 
Flash, beep, relay alarm mode
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM1137 carbon monoxide detector is dedicated to detect CO. CO is kind of gas with colorless, odorless, non-irritating. It's occur by coal-fired heating room, gas water heater for a long time, and in closed car. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of home life, it is recommended to install a carbon monoxide alarm in a long time poorly ventilated bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other places.

2. Feature

·         Electrochemical sensor detection sensitivity, 3 bit LCD display. the detector can detect a room of 25 square meters.

·         Low power consumption: 3pcs batteries (4.5V), standby and ready to work for more than 1 year.

·         Quiescent Current: <80uA, 200uA (LCD ON) Alarm current: <80mA

·         High-performance single-chip to mention accurate detection algorithm , it can detect low to PPM concentration.

·         Alarm concentration: European EN50291 standard CO gas (50ppm --- 60 ~ 90 minutes; 100ppm --- 10 to 40 minutes; 300ppm --- less than 3 minutes).

·         Static indicator: Green LED flashes every 30 seconds.

·         Low-voltage alarm function: low voltage alarm in time to remind you to replace the battery, and issued a "TA" sound once every 30 seconds, LCD displays (LB).

·         Alarm: the 3M at high decibel alarm (> 85 dB), frequency of about 3 kHz, the red LED flashes quickly.

·         Use of the environment: the best use of temperature: 4 to 50 ° C, relative humidity: 20% ~ 95%, non-condensing.

2. Installation and Maintain

Due to carbon monoxide gas is very light, it should be installed in the height of ceiling or wall. first, use hole of the bracket to draw two holes on the ceiling or wall, then the back of the mounting plate close to the wall, insert and tighten the mounting screws until the mounting bracket withdraw at the end. please push the battery into the battery holder. The back of the detector rely on the position of the mouth to the installation, make sure that the installed card is screwed to the bottom. Gently press the test button on the detector and check work properly.

The detector had installed in a working state, in this state, the light-emitting diode flashes about every 30 seconds. To detect carbon monoxide gas, the detector will be issued until the air is crisp and loud pulsating alarm sound up a new level net, while the LCD screen displays the current gas concentration.

Avoid installed in the following locations:

·         Too close to the door, windows, fans, and other places will affect the sensitivity of the alarm, because these areas are generally faster air circulation.

·         Do not install in locations of high humidity, such as bathrooms, attic or the temperature is higher than 50 º C or below minus 10 º C.

·         Easy maintenance:

·         Every six months will be required to clean the alarm time in order to maintain a good working efficiency, removing the battery first, and then a soft brush swipe dust can then battery installed.

·         The detector will check self after power ON, "0" on the LCD starts flashing, enter to surveillance state after 90 seconds, in the working state, the light-emitting diode flashes once every 30 seconds, when detected carbon monoxide gas, the detector send a clear pulsating sound and light warning until the carbon monoxide gas is dispersed.

2. Warning

·         Do not be installed in place of high temperature, high wind speed, otherwise it will affect sensitivity; such as the failure of this product please contact your dealer maintenance.

·         Do not be used lighter gas liquefied gas pipeline gas to test the product; otherwise it will cause damage to the product because Carbon monoxide and gas sensors are different.