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FAM2020 Digital Vibration Detector
Connect to eTel FAM Series
Piezoelectric sensor
Sensitivity is adjustable
Alarm output NO/NC
Anti-tamper function
Operating Voltage:  9-16VDC
Alarm indicator
Microprocessor design
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM2020 digital vibration detector adopts the advanced piezoelectric sensor technology and mechanical sensing technology, integrated vibration analysis and detect sensor, with CPU processing technology to ensure the rigorous monitoring for the protective coverage. Detective Sensitivity is adjustable. Suitable for all kinds of objects prevention, including metal, glass, wood, mix clay, brick wall, etc.

2. Feature

·         piezoelectric sensor or mechanical sensor

·         Sensitivity is adjustable

·         Microprocessor design

·         Low power consumption

·         Anti-tamper function

·         Alarm indicator

·         Compliant to any environment

3. Specifications

·         Operating Voltage:  9-16VDC

·         Current: 16mA

·         Contacts of Alarm: NC,100VDC,500mA

·         Time to Warm:  < 1 minutes

·         RFI characteristics: 22V/m(10MHz - 1GHz)

·         Operating Temperature:  -10~ 55oC

·         Size: 26×85×24mm

·         Weight: 42.5g