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AVL1210 LED Advertisement Screen
Connect to eTel FAM Series
Famer management platform issuing
Advertising/tips/weather information
Bus LED advertising
Support multiple fonts
Remote update via GPRS
Customized LED screen size
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

AVL1210 LED advertising screens for a variety of buses, taxis, community, information on meteorological departments to do publicity, advertising system.

2. Specifications

·         Size: 95 × 19.5 × (9-2) CM (7CM 2CM extended down the outside in 9CM scoliosis at 90 degree angle,

·         Length 1.5CM bottom corner)

·         Number of LED lights: ≥ 6144 one, such as massive portfolio: ≥ (8X8) X24X4

·         Brightness: Super light and with multi-level auto-dimming (5 automatically adjusts the light intensity \ light intensity is strong, light weak)

·         Font: Anti words, body art

·         Display: dynamic, fixed combinations

·         Pictorial display: dynamic, dynamic combinations appear free

·         Fixed information: vehicle was hijacked, please alert rescue! (Fixed information is negative trigger)

·         Storage: device fixed storage unit and can use removable storage devices

·         Data package: maximum compression packing, try to consider the optimization

·         Product Type: Individual data can also be integrated with the GPS processing. Need to have the meter line (negative touch

·         Send more) meter line, emergency alarm cord, control oil off the \ wires to the appropriate extension (3 ~ 4M)

·         Color: black or silver

·         Information transmission: GPRS real-time