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FAM1330 Water Level Sensor
Connect to eTel FAM Series
Float level detection
Suitable for water  pools, tower
Alarm output NO/NC
light ball
liquid gravity range 0.65-1.5
Reed control
Connect FAM DI port
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM1330 type float level controller for a variety of pools, water tower level control, and especially suitable for containing the solid or semi-solid floating objects with a viscous liquid and the sewage water level automatic control and alarm.

Level in the next limit, float positive home state of floating on the water, float inside the hammer from the reed switch and magnetic ring area to maintain the original reed off a pair of contacts, a pair of contacts closed state (see Figure 2). When the liquid level rises to the upper limit of float flip upside down, hammer fell Magnet reed Pick-areas, so that closed magnetic circuit, the output contact state of the rapid conversion (float within the The principle is similar to the use of mercury switches.) (see Figure 3)

2. Type Description

1. It was charged by the liquid inside the shell by adding the proportion of solid filler material, so that the total weight of slightly less than the sphere of the buoyancy liquid, known as heavy ball. The proportion of the scope of application of liquid 0.65-1.5.

2, inside the shell without solid filler material known as the "light ball." Is used to control contains impurities, suspended solids and sediments of the liquid level, its action is not the proportion of the liquid.