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FAM1610 Magnet Door Sensor
Connect to eTel FAM Series
Sensing distance: 50-70mm
Switch style: Closed
Maximum voltage: 100VDC
Maximum Current: 0.5A
Contact power: 10W
Cable: 1007UL22AWG
Case Material: Zinc alloy
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·         Size: Line side:106*38*10mm, Magnet side: 106*16*16mm

·         Color: Silver

·         Case Material: Zinc alloy

·         Switch style: Closed

·         Maximum operating voltage: 100VDC

·         Maximum operating Current: 0.5A

·         Contact power: 10W

·         Sensing distance: 50-70mm

·         Cable: 1007UL22AWG with 380mm Stainless steel protection tube

·         Packaging Technology: Filled epoxy adhesive

·         Mounting screws: ∮4*25(4 pcs)