FAM1620 Wireless Door Sensor
Connect to eTel FAM Series
433Mhz RF Wireless
Built-in microprocessor
Bullt-in shock sensor
Magent door detect
Low battery alarm
Sensor disconnect alarm
Battery for 18 months
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM1620 wireless door magnetic sensor comes with a unique ID, the internal microprocessor. Use of advanced signal analysis and processing technologies, and provides high detection and false alarm immunity performance. Wireless magnet door sensor is typically mounted on the edge or  top of the inside door, it is composed of two parts: the smaller components within a permanent magnet as a permanent magnet, and is used to generate a constant magnetic field, the larger is the wireless door sensor main body, inside it has a normally open reed switch, when the permanent magnet and reed switch in close proximity (less than 5 mm), wireless door magnetic sensor is waiting state, when the permanent magnets leave the reed switch, and alarm happen.