Access Control Cloud System Platform
Access control, security all in ONE
Based on eTel FAM+RFID termnial
Support for 4G LTE/GPRS networks
Update list of valid TAG in real time
Supports IP cameras, DVR
Permission group management
Attendance Management

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1. Introduction

eTel access control cloud system platform is based on the demand of user access control, security, wireless network access, combined with FAM alarm controller, HF RFID reader, based on GPRS/4G LTE wireless network, launched the security access control integrated management platform.

usually, it manages the main office room, archives, warehouses, leading offices and other key office areas and an important channel, elevator, all gate installs FAM terminal, user must use valid TAG for enter the gate.

The system based on access control, it can connect to security sensors as well, such as: Magnet door sensor, PIR, IP camera, Sire sound, and so on. To achieve security access control integration.

eTel RFID Access Control Cloud Platform includes Data Server platform and FAM device. The FAM device supports FAM alarm controller and RFID reader feature, based on GPRS/4G wireless or wired IP network, send the TAG and alarm data to cloud server. it reaching for the remote RFID TAG and security data acquisition, storage, control, and thus all the FAM terminal centralized monitoring and management, display operating status of each device, the alarm information, signal strength, unity and TAG information stored in an SQL database, support export reports in real time, easy for user to control the device and store the TAG data.

Security access control cloud system platform using SQL large database to store user TAG record and valid card information, through 4G LTE/GPRS network real-time update FAM valid card list, even if the FAM terminal is not offline, but it still able to read valid card list from memory.

Access Control Cloud Platform supports both C/S (Client/Server) and B/S (Browser/Server, Web-based) structure; C/S is use for manage FAM device, security status, B/S is user for manage organization, user, report etc.

FAM Terminal management, Data Monitoring Centre (C/S):
Base on windows PC, through client software Famer, direct access to the data center server, 7 * 24-hour run. Support FAM terminal remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove reader, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., it's suitable for use as data monitoring center.

Organization, User Management, TAG Data, Report (B/S):
User can directly through any browser to access the Access Control Cloud Platform WEB address, remote query the belong user attendance status, report etc. Administrator can add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report all function.


2. Main Feature

l   Access control, security all in ONE

Platform support FAM alarm controller all security features, and support HF RFID access control.

l   Support for 4G LTE/GPRS networks

Access control cloud system platform is not only supports FAM terminals through the IP network access data center, it also supports 4G LTE or GPRS wireless network access.

l   Update the list of valid TAG in real time

Cloud system platform using SQL storage related to valid card list, and through IP or GPRS network to real-time update, even FAM terminal is offline, it also able to control door through the valid TAG list in the memory.

l   Supports IP cameras, DVRs

Cloud system platform supports IP camera, DVR, and supports alarm linkage camera for take photo, video record, and automatically uploaded to the cloud server. When FAM terminal using 4G LTE or IP network, user can directly view the remote real-time video through cloud platform.

l   Personnel, organization Attendance Management

Platform using WEB to manage person, organization. View the entry and exit records, export attendance reports, add/remove personnel, access control rights management and other functions.

l   Supports both C/S (Client/Server), B/S (Browser/Server, Web-based) structure

Access control cloud system supports both C/S and B/S structure, suitable for the user management system on different occasions, the C/S client software Famer is good stability, full-featured, easy to operate, intuitive interface, suitable for data monitoring center 7*24-hour operations management. B/S browser is no limited on the operating system, no limited for terminal, without install software, real-time running, the user can through any PC, tablet PC, mobile phone to instant access RFID cloud platform, that's suitable for end-user control RFID Reader at any time.

l   Stable performance, support 10,000 Readers

Server is distributed system architecture, independent functional part operation, stable performance, the server supports 10,000 Reader running at the same time; when the reader exceeds the limit, just increasing server to approach the expansion.

l   Multiple report formats output

Cloud platform supports multiple report, includes TAG report, black list report, expired report etc. it can export the report in EXCEL format.

l   Support multiple languages

cloud management platform supports English, Chinese, and can be customized language according to customer demand.

l   Remote configuration and control

C/S Famer management platform can remotely manage and configure FAM terminal, or even restart the reader, including: defense, not defense, view status, view the version information, set the port alarm value, restart etc.

l   Rights Management

Management platform support multi-polar rights management, general users can only operate their own group/organization, Super users can assign administrative privileges to the specified user.