RFID Cloud System Management Platform
RFID Reader Management
Cloud system platform
Provide full SDK for development
Embedded Google Map
Support C/S (Client), B/S(Broswer)
Query RFID reader status, TAG data
Support issue LED advertisement
Support camera for photograph
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1. Introduction

eTel RFID cloud management platform is based on current demand for centralized monitoring and management of RFID Reader to developed centralized management RFID Reader that based GPRS/3G wireless or wired IP network communications, reaching for the remote RFID TAG data acquisition, storage, control, and thus all the RFID reader centralized monitoring and management, display operating status of each device, the alarm information, signal strength, unity and TAG information stored in an SQL database, support export reports in real time, easy for user to control the device and store the TAG data.

RFID cloud systems management platform to store RFID TAG using SQL database, and supports 3 type of TAG ID format display, selectable as decimal (DEC), hexadecimal (HEX), ASCII code to display TAG ID number, provide export the TAG report as specified device, time period, meet the users special report requirements.

RFID cloud management platform supports both C/S (Client/Server) and B/S (Browser/Server, Web-based) structure; users can simultaneously through the PC, MID, cellphone to access.

Data Monitoring Centre (C/S):
Base on windows PC, through client software Famer, direct access to the data center server, 7 * 24-hour run. Support reader remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove reader, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., it's suitable for use as data monitoring center.

User PC (B/S):
User PC is able to directly through any browser to access the cloud management platform WEB address, remote query/the control the belong reader. Support reader remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove reader, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., also we can use Famer client software (C/S) direct access to the data center.

Tablet PC and mobile phone (B/S):
Users of tablet PCs and mobile phones (including IOS and Android system), can be directly through any browser to access cloud systems management platform web address, remotely query/control belongs reader. Support reader remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove READER, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., it’s suitable for end-user control belongs reader at any time.

2. Main Feature

l   Supports both C/S (Client/Server), B/S (Browser/Server, Web-based) structure

RFID cloud systems management platform supports both C/S and B/S structure, suitable for the user management system on different occasions, the C/S client software Famer is good stability, full-featured, easy to operate, intuitive interface, suitable for data monitoring center 7*24-hour operations management. B/S browser is no limited on the operating system, no limited for terminal, without install software, real-time running, the user can through any PC, tablet PC, mobile phone to instant access RFID cloud platform, that's suitable for end-user control RFID Reader at any time.

l   Stable performance, support 10,000 Readers

Server is distributed system architecture, independent functional part operation, stable performance, the server supports 10,000 Reader running at the same time; when the reader exceeds the limit, just increasing server to approach the expansion.

l   Multiple report formats output

Cloud platform supports multiple report formats display TAG ID data, optional for decimal (DEC), hexadecimal (HEX), ASCII code display TAG ID number, and it can export reports in real time.

l   Support GPS

RFID cloud systems management platform support store the GPS coordinates information, when RFID reader (supports GPS function), the TAG data will be sent with the GPS information to the management platform at the same time, the platform will store the ID number + GPS information, so that in the report we can know the exact GPS location when user TAG.

l   Support multiple languages

RFID cloud management platform supports English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and can be customized language according to customer demand.

l   Real-time query RFID running status and port information

Just choose a Reader, and click mouse to query reader location and current I/O port information. Location information includes latitude and longitude, I/O port status information includes DI, AI, TE, DO port information.

l   Customize alarm information

For easy to read alarm information, platform software supports customize alarm message. Users can pre-define alarm message for each port alarm on the software, when the alarm is occurred, platform software will display the pre-defined content at same time, user will easy to read the alarm message.

l   Remote configuration and control

Management platform can remotely manage and configure reader, or even restart the reader, including: defense, not defense, view status, view the version information, set the port alarm value, restart etc.

l   Support for UDP and TCP

Management platform supports both UDP and TCP communication mode, the user can according the network situation to choose mode to connect with reader.

l   Support camera/LED

reader support issue information to remote LED display, through  management platform to real-time refresh LED screen display content; Support camera photograph function, management platform is able to take picture for alarm trigger or time interval.

l   SMS and EMAIL Forwarding

Management platform can forward the alarm and alarm clear message via SMS and Email. So it's not necessary to view platform software for 24-hour, when the alarm occurs, Platform software will forward the alarm message to pre-set cell phone via SMS automatically, user can receive the alarm message immediately, and also through the browser to check and confirm the alarm details at same time.

l   Reporting and Statistics

All data of platform has been saving into SQL database, users may call data to generate different types of reports according to the needs, such as: RFID Report, alarm report, offline reader report, statements, day/month/year reports, etc., after generated the report, user can instant export data to the EXL file as well.

l   Rights Management

Management platform support multi-polar rights management, general users can only operate their own reader, limited user only views the reader, and they cannot remote control reader.

l   Google map

Management platform using Google Map and Mapinfo map to displayed reader position, when the user add reader, just enter the latitude and longitude information, reader will display on the map location exactly.

l   Easy operation

Management platform support the C/S and B/S structure, operation and management is very convenient, simple; users can access management platform through any PC, tablet PC, mobile phones.