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ET516-02 GPS Tracker
Internal GPS and GPRS Antenna
speed and other status information
Support route playback
Low cost solution
Use for Car and Motorcycle
Support Geo-fence
GPRS, SMS work at same time
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

ET516-02 GPRS/GPS Tracker with smart design, but powerful as well as stability in function.It combined with GPRS/GSM technology of the function of location, listen in, urgent alarm and monitoring. In advantage of easy install, convenient in operation, good and powerful function; it applies to private cars, government vehicles and renting vehicles, motorcycles.

Real-time location tracking, text messaging and location-based services platform to support location queries;

External relays, remote control off fuel and electricity;

Dual built-in antenna design, easy to install;

Built-in switching power supply, wide input voltage range (9-24V)

Built-in monitoring CPU, automatic fault recovery;

Compact, can be concealed installation;

Easy installation mode supported OBD

Service access platform supporting location, location identification easier

Worldwide, without any settings

Support vibration, motion alarm

Support trajectory planning

Support the Geo-fence

Support smart phone APP

Cloud systems management platform