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ET516-101E GPS AVL
Internal GPS and GPRS Antenna
speed and other status information
Support route playback
Low cost solution
Use for Car and Motorcycle
Support Geo-fence
GPRS, SMS work at same time
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

ET516-101E GPRS Tracker with smart design, but powerful as well as stability in function.It combined with GPRS/GSM technology of the function of location, listen in, urgent alarm and monitoring. In advantage of easy install, convenient in operation, good and powerful function; it applies to private cars, government vehicles and renting vehicles, motorcycles.

2. Feature

Main Features

Ÿ   TCP/UDP/SMS Transmission Mode.

Ÿ   Anti-theft, positioning, monitoring.

Ÿ   control,alarm.

Ÿ   Blind area data re-uploading.

Ÿ   Cut fuel/recover fuel

Ÿ   Remote monitoring

Ÿ   Remote restart terminal equipment

Ÿ   Remote modify control center parameters

Ÿ   Real-time monitor function

Ÿ   Remote check version and device status

Ÿ   Remote update via GPRS 

Ÿ   Protected against spraying water design

Ÿ   Build-in GSM/GPS antenna


Detailed function

Ÿ   Locating:

Monitoring centre could check the vehicles by plate no, the device terminal will report the place where it is, the monitoring centre will pop up the position of the vehicle automatically.

Ÿ   Timing feedback

Monitoring centre could set the time and sampling.

Ÿ   Enable or disable oil/electricity

The monitoring centre could enable or disable the oil of the vehicle, or recover the oil or electricity after device received the demand.

Ÿ   Emergency help

When urgent cases happen, touch “emergency button” for 1 second, then alarm starts and transferred to the alarm place. Monitoring center will arrange according to the procedures.

Ÿ   Enter or exit the electronic fence alarm

Center can be set to one or more irregular range if out of the region the alarm will attributes, when the vehicles enter or exit the region set the scope, ET516 will be prompted to enter the alarm region, at the same time trigger settings beyond the regional police, the center received alarm information later can be identified and the abolition of the police.

Ÿ   over speed alarm

Monitoring centre set the max speed allowed, it will alarm when over this speed.

Ÿ   Low voltage alarm

When the vehicle terminal detected voltage power lower than 9V and long than 10 seconds, it will alarm because of low voltage.

Ÿ   Electricity disables alarm

When the vehicle terminal’s power is cut off, the device terminal will send alarm in 3 seconds, at the same time will powered by emergency battery (2 hours available)

Ÿ   GSM blind zone

When the vehicle terminal located in the GSM blind area, the main device will save the blind point, and will complete the SMS to the monitoring centre when it is normal signal.

Ÿ   Return timing

Control Center can set time interval to let the designated vehicle to feedback data info from time to time, the factory default upload interval of 30 seconds, adjustable range is 5-120 seconds; If you set interval as "<5”seconds or "> 120 seconds ", the terminal equipment will automatically feedback defaulted by 30 seconds.

Ÿ   Track route playback

ControlCentercan designate vehicle terminal device and set the time to pre-route the track playback, and shows on the map with dynamic display. It can also be derived in accordance with the settled time to playback the track data.

Ÿ   Mileage and Statistics

Data can be saved from the vehicle installed in the car, so monitoring centre could check the mileage data save terminal device, or delete the data in storage, and also, it can also set the time in accordance with the Export-related mileage statistics.

Ÿ   Cut off or recovery the oil/circuit

ControlCentercan with friendly remote control to disconnect circuit, oil circuit or the circuit to resume vehicles on the designated vehicle, when the car terminal received the command, will recover the oil or electricity supply.

Ÿ   Custom alarm sensor

ET516-101E has a 2-way custom line detector, to meet specific customer needs.

Ÿ   Idle time-out alarm

when user required idle timeout alarm function, can set the idle timeout duration according to the actual situation.

Ÿ   Fatigue driving alarm and parking overtime alarm