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GPRS, SMS work at same time
Real-time reporting of vehicle location,
speed and other status information
Support camera for photograph
Support LCD, LED Screen
Support dispath telephone
Support Geo-fence
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

This model features a strong, superior performance, applying for a variety of environments and works stably. Real-time location-based services also meet in the vehicle control and scheduling, logistics and personnel management, anti-robbery/ anti-theft and insure personal safety in case of

wide range of needs emergencies cases.

2. Feature

Main Features

Ÿ   Remote control monitoring for tracking and locating by GPRS

Ÿ   Remote navigation when call back to monitoring centre

Ÿ   Emergency help button set monitoring center

Ÿ   Navigation by calling to the monitoring centre                                        

Ÿ   Disable/enable oil or electricity by remote control of monitoring centre

Ÿ   GPRS Real-time tracking and locating continuously

Ÿ   Route play back and reappearance of track

Ÿ   Mileage statistics

Ÿ   Over speed alarm / Geo fence alarm / Electricity cut-off alarm

Ÿ   Listen in to the vehicle

Ÿ   GPS antenna ON/OFF alarm


External function (Option)

Ÿ   Photo function by camera

Ÿ   LED advertising

Ÿ   Fuel sensor detector

Ÿ   LCD dispatching screen

Ÿ   Car telephone

Ÿ   Smart card driver identification


Detailed function

Ÿ   GPS locating

Real-time checking the location of the vehicles, terminal device will automatically report position, monitoring Center will automatically pop-up map showing the current location of vehicles.

Ÿ   Shooting scene photos

Ÿ   Monitoring Center can be for any one vehicle at any time photo the scene pictures; can also be set in advance to allow vehicles to shoot up after the picture then transfer back to the centre.

Ÿ   Voice broadcasting

You can write a text, send to the vehicle, ET518 will identify the text and then pronounce it by voice.

Ÿ   Long-distance call conversation

Through the handle or dispatch screen can realize voice dialing. During a call, press the menu button for hands-free function.

Ÿ   Timing of return

You can set freely for the time reporting back to the monitoring centre

Ÿ   Oil and Electricity enable/disable

If special case, Monitoring center can remote control to cut off any vehicle’s circuits and gas immediately, of course, you can restore electricity supply at any time.

Ÿ   Remote listen in

With the owner's permission, when the vehicle encountered the emergent situation, the monitoring center can dial to the device and listen in the vehicles, the terminal device will dial back to monitoring centre to feedback the information of the vehicles.

Ÿ   Emergency help

When vehicle face emergency situation and need help, after the drive press emergency button, within 1 second, the alarm information will upload the location to monitoring center.It will be in accordance with the relevant procedures.

Ÿ   Enter or exit the electronic fence alarm

Center can be set to one or more irregular range if out of the region the alarm will attributes, when the vehicles enter or exit the region set the scope, ET519 will be prompted to enter the alarm region, at the same time trigger settings beyond the regional police, the center received alarm information later can be identified and the abolition of the police.

Ÿ   Monitoring center can set the itinerary range for the vehicle,

When the vehicle goes cross the authorized regional scope, the terminal device will alarm to monitoring centre.

Ÿ   Over speed alarming

 Monitoring centre can set the max speed of any of the vehicle, will alarm to the monitoring centre if over speeded.

Ÿ   Trigger alarm

When the low-level trigger detection line detects low-level signals, or when triggered by detection of high +12 V line to detect high signal to trigger alarm, terminal device will upload information to the monitoring center immediately.

Ÿ   Electricity off alarming

When the power supply was cut off, ET518 will send alarm immediately within 5 seconds for electricity off, at the same time to start back-up battery-powered (2 hours for work equipment).

Ÿ   GSM blind spot information makes a report for compliment

When the vehicle drive to the GSM signal blind area, the car terminal will not be able to real-time reporting position, then the host will be automatically stored in the blind zone auto moving all positioning data, wait till the GSM signal back to normal, it will re-make a report after the central server to monitor


Main device, GPS Antenna, GSM Antenna, MIC, Double-lined 6P installing cable, Power controller,

Optional accessories:   Conversation handle, Advertising screen, Dispatching screen, Camera