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ET521 GPS Tracker
GPRS, SMS work at same time
Real-time reporting of vehicle location,
speed and other status information
IO ports: 3 DI, 1 AI, 1 DO, 2 TE
Support wired sensor
Support remote cut power and oil
Zone type settings
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

Shenzhen eTel technologies co., ltd. according to market demand of the GPS location management, Combine with FAM function, develop ET521 GPS&GPRS Tracker, it able to real time send GPS location information via the GPRS network t o data center. Data center platform will receive the data and save into database, users can just use browser to access data and view all information.

ET521 GPS Tracker is mainly used in school bux, government bus,logistic vehicle, TAXI etc.

2. Feature

·           Industrial Design

ET521 GPS Tracker is industrial design which built-in watchdog chipset to ensure the system work continuously, Watchdog monitoring the GPRS module and CPU all the time, if the GPRS module or CPU does not response for long time, Reader will restart automatically. Reader is very suitable for long-term continuous work applications.

·           GPS locating 

Real-time checking the location of the vehicles, terminal device will automatically report position, monitoring center will automatically pop-up map showing the current location of vehicles.

·           Oil and Electricity enable/disable 

If special case, Monitoring center can remote control to cut off any vehicle's circuits and gas immediately, of course, you can restore electricity supply at any time.

·           Emergency help

When vehicle face emergency situation and need help, after the drive press emergency button, within 1 second, the alarm information will upload the location to monitoring center. It will be in accordance with the relevant procedures.

·           Over speed alarming 

Monitoring center can set the max speed of any of the vehicle, will alarm to the monitoring center if over speeded.

·           Enable or disable oil/electricity

The monitoring center could enable or disable the oil of the vehicle, or recover the oil or electricity after device received the demand.

·           Enter or exit the electronic fence alarm

Center can be set to one or more irregular range if out of the region the alarm will attributes, when the vehicles enter or exit the region set the scope, ET516 will be prompted to enter the alarm region, at the same time trigger settings beyond the regional police, the center received alarm information later can be identified and the abolition of the police.

·           Low voltage alarm

When the vehicle terminal detected voltage power lower than 9V and long than 10 seconds, it will alarm because of low voltage.

·           Electricity disables alarm

When the vehicle terminal’s power is cut off, the device terminal will send alarm in 3 seconds, at the same time will powered by emergency battery (2 hours available)

·           GSM blind zone

When the vehicle terminal located in the GSM blind area, the main device will save the blind point, and will complete the SMS to the monitoring center when it is normal signal.

·           Return timing

Control Center can set time interval to let the designated vehicle to feedback data info from time to time, the factory default upload interval of 30 seconds, adjustable range is 5-120 seconds; If you set interval as "<5”seconds or "> 120 seconds ", the terminal equipment will automatically feedback defaulted by 30 seconds.

·           Track route playback

ControlCentercan designate vehicle terminal device and set the time to pre-route the track playback, and shows on the map with dynamic display. It can also be derived in accordance with the settled time to playback the track data.

·           Mileage and Statistics

Data can be saved from the vehicle installed in the car, so monitoring center could check the mileage data save terminal device, or delete the data in storage, and also, it can also set the time in accordance with the Export-related mileage statistics.

·           Cut off or recovery the oil/circuit

ControlCentercan with friendly remote control to disconnect circuit, oil circuit or the circuit to resume vehicles on the designated vehicle, when the car terminal received the command, will recover the oil or electricity supply.

·           Main and backup data center

ET521 GPS Tracker support main and backup data center, user can set both main data center IP address or domain name, when Reader  fail to connect with main data center, it will try to connect backup data center automatically.

·           Embedded Li-battery and Temperature sensor

ET521 GPS Tracker built-in 1000mA Lithium battery, it can work for 3 hours if the external power supply cut off. the built-in temperature sensor can real-time monitoring of environment temperature, and the outside TE port can be extended to the user device surface to monitoring equipment temperature.

·           SMS Remote Restart

ET521 GPS Tracker supports SMS remote control, users can query the device working status through SMS, also user can reboot reader through SMS.

·           DO port programmable output

ET521 GPS Tracker DO (digital output) port supports programmable output, according to the requirement of user site, the level of output level, switching time, times would be programmable.

·           Clock synchronization

ET521 GPS Tracker support clock synchronization; it can read the clock from SMS or get clock from management platform by GPRS.

·           Graphical configuration software

ET521 GPS Tracker provides full graphical software configuration, easy to use, and supports import or export configuration file; so users just simply click a few icons to quickly setup system.