ET310UI CDMA RS232 Modem
Frequency: 800MHz
Data transmission Up to 153.6kbps
Support SMS,CDMA
Provide RS232 Interface
Provide RJ11 voice interface
Industrial design
DC12V power supply
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications


Support either 800 or 1900Mhz dual band

Ease to use, reliable and flexible

Complied with FCC/SAR and CDG 1/2&3 standard

Always online and operation mode selection

Real clock



Watch dog design, ensure modem alive

CDMA 1x link detection and redial

Support dialup control

Send SMS via PC

Support RS232 interface


Special Functions

Power control
On/Off via interface connector
User can control MODEM operation
PIN-Off power on, PIN-GND power off
Save power

Built-in RF module supervision
Built-in RF module status detection
Reset RF module when it out of service

Reset outlet
Ground the reset PIN 500ms restart modem

Serial Port Reset
Reset MODEM via RS-232 control PIN
Save the I/O resources
No interrupt with data communication
Only few source code program to control



Voice and Emergence Call

Support QCELP 13k voice coding

Echo canceller and noise suppression (option)

Support DTMF signaling

CDMA 1x data

Support IS 707 data service

Support 153kbps packet data

Support Class 2.0 Group 3 facsimile

CDMA 2000 spread spectrum

Complied with IS-95A, IS-95B CDMA interface


GPRS data

GPRS Class 2~10

Code plan: CS1~CS4

Complied with SMG31bis specifications



Antenna: 50ohm/SMA/Female

UIM card: 3V


Operation System

Data interface

Voice: Ear/Microphone Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP



Power Supply


Power consumptions: 
    Max. current: 350mA@+5VDC 
    Idle: 25mA@+5VDC



Mechanical: 88(D)*54(W)*25 (H)mm (not include antenna)

Weight: 46g

Operation temperature: -5~+40ìC

Related humidity: 95%(non-condensing)