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ET8607 Power Controller
Control power outlet by SMS/GPRS
Programmable alarm link to DO 
DO port programmable output
IO ports: 7 DI, 4 AI, 4 DO, 2 TE
Support wired sensor
Support camera for photograph
Famer management platform
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

SMS(Short Message Service) is instant message service which based on GSM network, provides low-cost, encryption, reliable, convenient feature. Along with SMS application widely, She nzhen eTel Technologies Co., ltd., was developed ET8607 Power Controllerdevice which widely use in M2M applications, like power grid, water domination, environment protect, retail etc..

Remote server, router, networks and other electronic devices work as high load for long time, it is easy to cause the system fails and thus give rise to the system crash (stop) happen, usually, it just simple restart power, let the system restart, most of the equipment can return to normal work after restart. However, as servers, switches, routers and other equipment which not install locally, or the equipment manager be unable to arrive at the scene immediately, so it's the problem to restart system immediately.

ET8607 Power Controller help people to restart the device remotely, once the system crash or down, people just use cellphone and send an SMS then the system will be restart automaticly, which greatly reduce the fault response time, reduce maintenance workload, improve service quality, improve equipment reliability and safety. Easy realization of the device "zero wait restart services."

ET8607 features a powerful, configurable up to four phone numbers for remote restart equipment, and the product is equipped with relay-controlled AC output by popular hole socket, the installation is  very simple and convenient , just ordinary cell phones, it does not require a dedicated computer and configure the software. it suitable for late night / holidays device management, remote/poor conditions of the base stations / reboot control room equipment.

2. Feature

·           SMS Remote Restart

ET8607 Power controller built-in power relays, users just simply connect to the Power Controller power socket and then people can use SMS to remote restart device.

·           Based on TCP/IP network for remote control (Optional)

ET8607 Power Controller supports Ethernet port (Optional), user just use web to access device and remote control. It’s for large network construction.

·           DO port programmable output

FAM DO (digital output) port supports programmable output, according to the requirement of user site, the level of output level, switching time, times would be programmable.

·           Zone type

FAM DI ports support zone type setting which can be set to as common zone, delay zone, intelligent zone, emergency zone, home zone, according to the user site conditions and sensor type, set the correct zone type to prevent false alarm, missing alarm.

·           Alarm Trigger Duration

According to part of the sensor (such as: float level sensor, temperature sensor, voltage sensor, etc.) under certain conditions, wandering in the alarm and alarm clear status, and occur false alarm, repeated alarm. FAM alarm controller DI, AI, TE interface supports trigger duration function, the user can enter the specified port trigger duration, when the port state to the alarm value and after specified period, then trigger alarm.

·           GPRS SMS work at the same time

FAM communication through GPRS to data center, at the same time, FAM also can occur SMS to the user's mobile phone, so that’s insuring the user receive the alarm message via GPRS and SMS.

·           SMS password, RFID TAG, Keypad password, Fingerprint Authentication, Timing Arm/Disarm

FAM support multiple Arm/Disarm function, it can perform a specified time every day to Arm/Disarm; FAM also support any mobile phone number via a password to Arm/Disarm; RFID TAG way to Arm/Disarm; Fingerprint authentication to Arm/disarm. After the instruction is executed successfully, FAM will send the Arm/Disarm information to the administrator phone as well.

·           Camera capture picture

FAM provides the interface to connect with camera, real-time remote image capture, with the FAM IO ports trigger function, real-time capture images when an alarm is generated, and sent to the data center; FAM can be set to a fixed time interval for continuous capture images as well.

·           Micro SD slot (TF Slot)

FAM provide Micro SD Slot (slot TF slot) that is used to store camera photo/alarm log/arm disarm log data, when the alarm generated, FAM can receive the photo data from the camera and store into the Micro SD card, then sent to the data center via the GPRS network, it overcome the instability GPRS network transmission of large data, and ensure the photos never lost.

·           USSD calls fee inquiry, AGPS base station location

FAM supports USSD way to check SIM card calls fee and inquiries AGPS base station positioning. through AT commands, we can check SIM card calls fee, and recharger SIM card on time to prevent arrears that affect the normal operation; also, we can use AT command to check base station code, it is able to locate the position of the device.

·           LED indicator to display Arm and Disarm

FAM DO port can be connected to 12V dual color LED lights, and displays the current Arm and Disarm status. Red indicates the FAM is ARM status, Green indicates FAM is Disarm status.

·           Industrial Design

ET8607 Power Controller with industrial design, built-in watchdog chipset to ensure the system work, MCU monitoring the GSM communications all the time, if the GSM module does not response for long time, the Restart controller will restart automatically. It is very suitable for long-term continuous work.

·           Embedded Li-battery and Temperature sensor

ET8607 Power Controller built-in 1000mA Lithium battery, it can work for 6 hours if the external power supply cut off. Also, Power Controller will send alarm message to notify the user that the external power supply was cut off. the built-in temperature sensor can real-time monitoring of environment temperature, and it can be extended to the user device surface to monitoring equipment  temperature,  when the temperature lower or higher than the specified value, the Power Controller will send alarm message, when the temperature returned to normal, it can send notice SMS to user also.

·           SMS filtering

ET8607 Power Controller support SMS filtering, it only accepts the SMS from data center as fixed format, so it filters out unauthorized junk messages.

·           Worldwide applications

ET8607 Power Controller has broad range of applications, it can be used in Server, Router, firewall, network camera, network equipment etc. to more suitable of industrial M2M applications, eTel can quickly modify the software and hardware according to customer requirements.