FAM3560 Lead-acid Battery
Solar Power System
7AH lead-acid battery
Output voltage: 12VDC 
Battery Weight: 2KG 
sealed lead-acid battery
Charging Voltage: 13.8V
Size: 150*65*94mm
  • Function
  • Specifications
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1. General

FAM3560 is maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries for UPS uninterruptible power supply, communication systems, and power systems rail systems, emergency lighting systems, automated control systems, fire and security alarm systems, solar energy, wind energy systems, computer backup power, portable instrument, medical instrumentation system equipment, electric cars and other toys.

2. Feature

·         Very low self-discharge rate: at 25 ℃ ambient temperature and allowed to stand for 28 days, the self-discharge rate is less than 1.8%.

·         Sufficient capacity: 100% of the battery capacity to ensure adequate and voltage, capacity uniformity. No catholic adsorption entire group of VRLA batteries battery voltage imbalance.

·         Wide temperature range: Battery charging temperature range 0 ℃ ~ +50 ℃, discharge temperature range of -20 ℃ ~ +55 ℃, storage temperature range of -15 ℃ ~ +50 ℃. GOLDEN KNIGHT battery uses a unique alloy formula and lead paste formulations at low temperatures is still excellent discharge performance at high temperatures with strong corrosion resistance.

·         Good sealing performance: to ensure the safety and tightness during battery life, no pollution, no corrosion, battery may be lying down, stand up to use. Sealing structure of the battery, the gas can be produced by synthetic water during use without replenishment.

·         good conductivity: the use of silver-plated copper terminals, excellent electrical conductivity, so that the battery can be as large current discharge.

·         ability to accept charge: fast charge, when the capacity to restore the provincial power.

·         Safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system: allows the battery when not in normal use, eliminate the excessive pressure caused by the battery casing bulging phenomenon.

2. Specifications

·         Model: FAM3560-7AH

·         Output voltage: 12VDC

·         Battery Weight: 2KG

·         category: sealed lead-acid batteries

·         Maintenance: Maintenance-free (no water without acid)

·         Charging Voltage: 13.8V ± 0.2V

·         Charge current proposal: 0.7A

·         Size: 150 * 65 * 94mm