FAM3530 Solar Underground Tank
Solar Power System
80A buried lead-acid battery box
Waterproof design
Internal thermal insulation 
Lines stretch breathable
Easy for installation
Internal: 360*180*260mm
External: 430*240*280mm
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

The solar for battery buried box for solar energy projects currently various special problems encountered during the actual construction of well-designed, the material using a special additive technology, this product is adapted to be placed underground landfill battery requirements for battery work environment can be directly buried underground, sealed performance, instead of glass and steel boxes, metal boxes and other products, has good compression, corrosion, water, security and other functions, the box can be reused, a fundamental solution to the problem of the battery in the fight against bottlenecks.

2. Specifications

·         Effectively solve the water problem, the construction did not need waterproof glue, ensure soaked in under 1.5 meters of water pressure watertight case

·         Buried box stiffener fence through the unique design, the effective realization of the battery thermal insulation problems in the internal environment

·         Underground tank through conduit extends to the bottom of the pole while threading to solve the problem of ventilation

·         the use of quality materials, unique style ribs fence design, the box buried under one meter in case, can withstand load 5 tons trucks 8 fastening screws used for the special components, play a security role

·         Battery installation than traditional investment methods and financial resources to save 2/3

·         Internal Dimensions: 360 * 180 * 260mm

·         External dimensions: 430 * 240 * 280mm