FAM3510 Solar Panel
Solar Power System
100Watt Crystalline Solar Panel
Output voltage: 18V
Max current: 5.55A
Disconnect Voltage: 22V
Short Current: 5.95A
Conversion efficiency; 18% 
Weight: 9kg
  • Function
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1. General

In order to provide power on far of town place which is no power line, eTel uses solar power systems, solar power system consists of solar photovoltaic panels, battery charge controller and battery.

Solar photovoltaic panels: 12V DC power output, Consumption is 100W

2. Specifications

·         Output power; 100 watts

·         The output voltage; 18 volts

·         Peak current; 5.55 amps

·         Open circuit voltage; 22.0 volts

·         Short-circuit current; 5.95 amps

·         Conversion efficiency; 18%

·         Weight; 9 kg

·         Power deviation; 3%

·         Dimensions; 1200 * 540 * 30mm (back aluminum frame has four mounting holes are very easy to install)

·         Junction box type; sealed junction box cable 900MM