ET7902 900Mhz UHF RFID GPRS Handset Reader
UHF 860MHz~928MHz RFID
Handset UHF Reader
Support 18000-6C, EPC GEN 2 TAG
TAG distance: 1 to 3 meters
Module: WIFI,GPS,RFID,Bluetooth,2D
Built-in lithium battery
IP54 housing
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1. General

Radio Frequency Identification RFID is the acronym for radio frequency identification, commonly known as RFID. Radio Frequency Identification RFID is a non-touch automatic identification technology, radio frequency signal through the automatic target recognition and access to relevant data, to identify without human intervention, it can work in a variety of harsh environments. RFID technology can identify the high-speed moving objects, also identify multiple tags, the operation is quickly and conveniently.

Shenzhen eTel technologies co., ltd. according to market demand of the wireless internet of things RFID, develop ET7902 handset RFID GPRS Reader, it able to real time send RFID TAG information via the GPRS network to data center. Data center platform will receive the data and save into database, users can just use browser to access data and view all information.