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Shenzhen eTel Technologies Co., Ltd. is worlds leading IOT (the Internet Of Things) solutions provider, was established in October 2007, specialized in wireless communications equipment, wireless Internet of Things products, RFID series products development, production and sales of technology-intensive high-tech enterprises, as the industry pioneer of wireless Internet of Things, for many years committed to the service of global partners, E-Tel has become the IOT industry-leading total solution provider. E-Tels products has been widely used in domestic and international electric grid, water conservancy, government, schools, banks and other remote monitoring, security industry.
E-Tel invented FAM (Fixed Asset Management) family products in 2009, through FAM platform, provide full solutions for remote fixed assets monitoring, security, and industrial automation.
Launched the first RFID reader which built-in GPRS module, and offers a full range of RFID products, including the 13.56 MHz HF RFID series reader, long-distance 900 MHz UHF RFID series reader, and active 2.45G RFID series reader, according to the user site to select the appropriate reader.
E-Tel is a national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen software enterprises, who establish a strategic partnership with the three operators China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom.
E-Tel provides customers with fast, professional technical support and services. Based on reliable products, professional technical team and perfect after-sales service system, E-Tel products and services get wide acclaim from customers; E-Tel products have been exported to 30 countries and regions around the world.

Enterprise characteristics
Invention: the invention FAM (Fixed Asset Management) series products.
Innovation: first launched the RFID reader which embedded GPRS module.
Comprehensive: The most comprehensive Internet of Things equipment providers.
Pioneer: the pioneer of the Wireless Internet of Things.
Lead: the worlds leading IOT(the Internet Of Things) solutions provider

E-Tel established in Oct. 2007
specialized in wireless communications equipment, wireless Internet of Things products, RFID series products development, production and sales.
2007 Launched the GPRS series modem
2007 Launched the CDMA Modem products
2008 Launched the GPS vehicle tracking products
2008 Launched the HSDPA Modem products
2009 Launched the personal GPS tracker
2009 Launched the GPRS / SMS FAM family products
2010 Launched the 13.56Mhz of RFID series products
2010 awarded the Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise Certificate
2010 Launched the GPS tracking system management platform
2011 Launched the FAM management platform
2011 Launched the 900Mhz of RFID series products
2011 Launched the 2.45Ghz of RFID series products
2012 Launched the GPS-FAM product
2013 Launched the GPS RFID series product
2013 Launched the RFID Cloud system management platform
2013 Launched the RFID platform SDK
2014 Launched the all series products support Micro-SD slot
2014 Launched 3G HSDPA series RFID and FAM products
2014 Launched GPRS+IP dual network series product
2015 Launched NXP CV520 chipset HF RFID products
2016 Launched 433mhz active RFID products